Morning. Welcome to another edition of Dialled In. There’s a downbeat mood in the NCG editorial department today after we lost our match against the sales team on Friday. Still, Moortown was in excellent nick given the weather conditions of the previous week, so that was nice.

Did you catch any of the golf on Sunday? Every time Patrick Cantlay stood over a shot I thought my TV was rebooting. I kept picturing golf fans all over the country smacking their Sky boxes.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about…

It genuinely makes my teeth itch just watching it. And of course golf Twitter was either annoyed…

…or had fun with it…

It wasn’t just Cantlay, of course, Kevin Na was also in contention…

But when he finally did hit the ball…

On a serious note, is slow play killing the game as a spectator sport? I can barely watch it any more and I blimmin’ love watching golf.

It’s got to a point now where it’s something I’ll just have on in the background while I do something else, rather than watching intently.

I think we’ve got to a point now where the coverage needs to be around three hours long, with an hour of highlights showing what’s happened that day and then two hours of “live” coverage which is on a slight delay. Otherwise, you’ll just get people turning off.

If you’ve affected by any of the scenes in tonight’s golf, please call the number on the screen now.

Speaking of ridiculous pre-shot routines

The Angry Club Golfer has had his say

Dirty talk

Plenty of golfers like to talk to their ball while it’s in flight, and Justin Thomas is no different.

Well, except for what he’s actually saying…

Oh boys

While watching Bubba Watson ease his way to victory at Riviera, I was reminded, completely out of the blue, of the time he was joined by Rickie Fowler, Ben Crane and Hunter Mahan to form Golf Boys…

I’m not going to knock it because it was for charity, so I’ll just say this: Bubba Watson is exceptionally hairy.

10 and done

Also, remember when Bubba said he was going to quit golf once he won 10 PGA Tour titles? Well his Genesis Open victory was his 10th.

Watch this space.

(Don’t watch this space. He’s obviously not going to.)

Ryder Cupdate

We’d all love to see Bubba back on the Ryder Cup team. Oh go on then let’s watch it again…

Every time.

Now, imagine if Cantlay and Na were a team at the Ryder Cup? European opponents would just concede every hole in a bid to get round before sunset.

Anyway, here’s the latest from our old pal Nosferatu…

If the Ryder Cup was next week and they were the teams, who would win?

Twin peaks

I love this.

Gary and Guy Tilston are twins. And they are European Tour caddies. And they were both on the bags of players who had holes-in-one over the weekend. Mark Townsend has the full run down in his Oman Open wrap.

That’s it from me. Enjoy your week. Goodbye.

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