Ecco golf shoes review: Our verdict on the Hybrid 3 and Biom G3

Hannah: These shoes provided instant comfort as soon as I took them out on the course. One of the elements that impressed me the most was how the Biom Natural motion technology changed the relationship between the shoe and the ground. Often when wearing golf shoes on slopes it feels like the shoe and terrain are fighting against each other. In the Biom Hybrid 3 I really felt like the shoe moulded to the slopes providing optimal comfort.

Ecco are well known for making the most comfortable shoes on the market and this shoe is no exception. In fact I would go as far as saying these are the most comfortable golf shoes I have ever worn. I felt like I was walking around in my slippers when I first tried these on. The Biom Hybrid 3 features an ortholite sole which can be removed should more width be required. This is refreshing to see in a women’s shoe, as generally I find they are on the slim side.

Alex: Completely echo (pun intended) what you say, Hannah. I’ve played a few rounds in the G3 shoes now and the benefits of using Yak leather and Gore-Tex is immediately obvious, with the added comfort, waterproof technology and spikes making them perfect for the UK market.

Hannah: These are exceptional golf shoes and deliver on style, comfort and performance. If you are looking for a premium shoe to wear on and off the course, which is well designed and made with quality materials, these are the shoes for you.

ECCO Biom G3 Golf Shoe Review

Alex: What you get from Ecco, as everyone knows, is comfort and I have to say this is the most comfortable Ecco shoe to date.

People may balk at the hefty price tag but I think you pay for what you get. It’s an investment. If you spend £40 on a pair of golf shoes from a brand no one’s ever heard of, don’t be surprised when they fall apart after six rounds. You spend a bit more money on a good golf shoe that is of a higher quality, and they’ll last you years.

Ecco golf shoes review: The details

Ecco Biom Hybrid 3: £175 (£185 with BOA)

Ecco G3: £210

More information can be found on the Ecco website.

Hannah Holden

Equipment and Instruction Editor

Hannah Holden is the Equipment and Instruction Editor here at National Club Golfer. If you’re looking to improve your game, by changing your golf swing or upgrading your golf equipment she’ll have the answers. As well as writing lots of features and reviews you can find her on our YouTube channel giving you insights on the latest rules, clubs and tips to improve your golf game. Hannah is a member at both Huddersfield and Alwoodley golf clubs. You will either find her here or driving up and down the country playing in a variety of elite amateur events.

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