Have the Ecco Biom Cool Pro golf shoes caught your eye? We took them out on the course to see just how well they perform

Our Ecco Biom Cool Pro review has taken place at numerous courses around Yorkshire across the last month.

Ecco Biom Cool Pro: First impressions

The Ecco Biom Cool Pro are available in three colours and I tested out the grey and navy blue option. Out the box, I thought they looked great – better than I expected – and I can genuinely say they are the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever worn.

Ecco Biom Cool Pro: The technology

The Biom Cool Pro is a hybrid shoe combining waterproof Gore-Tex technology and Biom technology for a natural fit.

Biom technology uses scans of thousands of athletes feet to mirror the contours of the foot and create a shoe that fits great and allows you to move naturally and stay connected with the ground.

The upper part of the shoe features Ecco’s own yak leather which is extra strong and durable. It is perforated at the front for a natural sporty aesthetic.

Ecco Biom Cool Pro

In the midsole you can see what Ecco call the TPU Exhaust Grid. This allows fresh air directly in the the sole of your foot while also allowing excess heat and moisture to escape for ultimate breathability.

The sole features the Tri-Fi-Grip we saw on the Ecco Biom Hybrid 3 shoe earlier this year and has multiple zones designed to provide ultimate grip, stability, flexibility and durability.

Ecco Biom Cool Pro


Ecco Biom Cool Pro: NCG verdict

This was my first time experiencing what Ecco have to offer in the golf shoe department having only previously heard rumblings of their delight.

The official line from the company is that this shoe optimises performance in any conditions and I can only agree. In the interests of thoroughness, I’ve had them out in all sorts of weather and course conditions and without fail, performance was excellent.

Ecco Biom Cool Pro

From a rain-soaked golf course which closer resembled a festival field, to a firm heathland on a sunny day, I have no complaints.

Although 18 holes braving the British elements sadly left them coated in mud, my feet remained bone dry.

I also really liked how solid they felt. Even in the mud, I never felt at risk of slipping or sliding which is obviously important given the time of year we are approaching and the climate in general.

Ecco Biom Cool Pro sole

The biggest takeaway for me though, was the style and comfort. I can’t emphasise enough how comfortable they were – it was as if they had been moulded to my feet. And I’m a big fan of the style too. I like a shoe that is comfortable but still looks like a golf shoe and these definitely fit that description.

Despite being on the expensive side, they are well worth the money in my opinion.


Available: Now

RRP: £210

More information: Ecco website

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