Our latest Ecco golf shoes review took place at Moor Allerton in Leeds. We’ve got both the men’s and women’s ranges on show for 2019, so I’m trying out the ladies Ecco Biom Hybrid 3 and I’ve drafted in my colleague Alex Perry to look at the men’s Biom G3 shoes.

Ecco golf shoes review: Hybrid 3 and Biom G3 first impressions

Hannah: My first impression of these shoes is that they are a much sleeker, simpler design than previous versions. It appears to be more streamlined and feminine.

The addition of a splash of colour from the side of the sole, tongue and collar tied in to the new shape creates a more modern looking shoe.

Ecco golf shoes review

Alex: I agree. I’m very particular about how I look on the golf course and I’m a fan of uncomplicated features, for want of a better phrase, when it comes to golf shoes.

The Biom G3 is a great looking shoe, with just enough going on but not too much to put me off.

I’m really impressed. The technology in here is impressive as well.

Ecco golf shoes review: Hybrid 3 and Biom G3 technology

The comfort of these shoes stems from their materials and construction method.

Ecco has its own tanneries where they produce the premium Yak leather found in their golf shoes. The leather is made from Yaks from the Tibetan Plateau in China. This creates closed fine-grained leather, which is exceptionally lightweight but also extremely strong. This is key to allowing a lightweight shoe, which stays comfortable for hours on the golf course.

Ecco also uses what they call “fluidform technology”. This to bond the upper and outsole of the shoe creating a one-piece shoe without gluing or stitching. This reduces the weight and allows for increased flexibility and durability.

The shoe also uses Gore-Tex technology to ensure it is 100% waterproof.

ECCO Biom G3 Golf Shoe Review

The tongue and collar of both shoes are made from a soft grey padded neoprene textile to add further comfort. I often find the collar can rub or press down on my Achilles so this added padding was a big plus point for me.

Ecco have invested in a lot of new technology to ensure these shoes provide optimal stability and traction on the course. To do this they went back to their Danish roots and the country’s obsession with design based on the natural environment.

This led to the development of Biom natural motion technology, which is designed to bring the golfer closer to the ground. This is created by using an anatomical last, a solid form that the shoe is moulded around, which mirrors the natural curves of the foot. This creates a lower than average heel to toe drop for underfoot flexibility providing natural motion in the foot.

Ecco Biom Hybrid 3 and Biom G3 Review

The main difference between the Biom Hybrid 3 and the G3 are the soles. The Biom Hybrid 3 features a spikeless sole, meaning it can be worn both on and off the golf course.

Another important part of the Biom Hybrid 3 is the grip design that Ecco calls “tri-fi-grip” on the sole of the shoe. This has been purposefully designed to have three key performance zones one for stability, one for durability and the third providing rotational support.

These shoes have some serious grip for spikeless shoes. I especially noticed the added stability from the wider blue lugs on the side of the sole.

ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 Golf Shoe Review

In contrast the G3 is a spiked shoe. Zarma tour spikes are mixed with hybrid cleats for advanced traction and agility. Like the Biom Hybrid 3 they also feature a rotation line on the toe to help players rotate through the ball.

ECCO Biom G3 Golf Shoe Review

So that’s a lowdown on the Biom Hybrid 3 and Biom G3, but what do we think? Our Ecco golf shoes review continues on the next page…