I went into my fitting with an open mind but the numbers and performance all pointed to the One Length irons.

I have a feeling the 2018 season is going to be a very good one for me.

After a through the bag fitting with Cobra I feel I can finally improve a part of my game that I’ve been trying to fix for years.

I’m going to be using the Cobra Forged One Length irons.

One Length irons

These are to complement the Cobra F8+ driver and F8 3-wood.

Cobra F8 fairways and hybrids

The fun doesn’t stop there because I’ve even decided to go One Length in my wedges too. Risky?

Either way, I’ll be tracking and sharing my stats using the Cobra Connect system powered by Arccos which is built-in to all Cobra’s clubs in 2018.

A bit about my game

I won’t lie. The one thing I was really worried about was swapping out my driver.

For the last 12 months I’ve used the Callaway GBB Epic driver to good success.

It’s easily the best club in my bag, a club that I have complete confidence in. Of course as a 12 handicapper I do have the occasional mis-hit with it, but I’m pretty much a very confident driver of the ball with that club.

In stark contrast to my confidence with the driver I’ve never been able to find a 3-wood that I could rely on.

But without doubt the worst part of my game is my iron play. Over the last six months my confidence levels have dropped massively.

This is more than likely a mental problem where I’ll hit a perfect drive and more often than not end up with a bogey thanks to a less than mediocre approach shot.

It was time for a change and I’m confident the Cobra Forged One Length irons can help me hit more greens.

My fitting

We started hitting my current 7-iron just to see the numbers and after five or six shots the fitter immediately wanted to give me a heavier shaft.

Cobra’s fitting expert Shaun swapped the 105-gram to a 120-gram shaft and what was quite noticeable straight away was that I wasn’t missing left which is my usual miss with the irons.

We then put the 5-iron head into the same shaft and after a couple of hits I was carrying up towards the 185 yard mark.

Obviously distance is irrelevant if it’s spraying left and right but it was nice to see a little draw shot straight down the middle.

Then we jumped up to the 9-iron. I always thought that having a longer shaft in a shorter iron would be a lot more difficult to adjust too than a ‘longer iron’ and I was right.

My first few shots were mis-hits where I was catching the ground before the ball.

It was to be expected, but once I got used to the length and the swing the results were pretty good. My shot shape seems to have developed into more of a draw but like the five and seven irons they weren’t missing too far left.

Whether this was just a really good day strike wise I can’t be sure until I get the clubs out on the course more often.

But the early signs with the one length irons is that they should be perfect for how I swing the club. The challenge will be applying the same swing and tempo to every shot from my 3-iron to my gap wedge.

The gapping was impressive too.

Gap wedge: 115 yards
9-iron: 135 yards
7-iron: 160 yards
5-iron: 185 yards
3-iron: 215 yards
3-wood: 240 yards
Driver: 265 yards

Having that 20- to 25-yards between those clubs was just what I was looking for and hopefully the rest of the irons will slot nicely into those gaps.

They arrived!

Just a week later and my clubs had arrived. It was like Christmas Day at the NCG office.

Within the hour I was down at the range and the first club I wanted to try was my F8+ driver. The first couple of hits felt great which was backed up by the numbers.

Club head speed was up towards 108mph which is really good for me and carrying an average of about 257. I’d take that every time I tee it up!


Driver: Cobra King F8+, 10.5 extra-stiff shaft
Fairway wood: Cobra F8 3-wood, stiff shaft
Utility: Cobra Forged One Length, utility 3-iron, stiff shaft
Irons: Cobra Forged One Length, 4-GW, stiff shaft
Wedges: Cobra Forged One Length, 56 and 60-degree

The Cobra Connect project

Over the coming months I will be tracking all of my stats through the Cobra Connect Arccos 360 app.

This will give me an in depth look at every aspect of my game and how it is hopefully progressing month-to-month. The app will show my strokes gained as well as my averages for each club in the bag.

After 72 holes the app will generate my own digital caddie which will give me advice on what club to hit depending on the distance I have to the pin.

Once I’ve recorded three rounds I will be starting a monthly blog where I will be sharing my stats and my progress with the new clubs.

It’s going to be a really interesting project to see if I can adapt my game to the One Length irons but it’s something I’m really looking forward to.

More information on the Cobra Connect system can be found on their website.