Our Callaway Rogue vs Callaway Epic driver test took place at Saadiyat Beach Golf Club in Abu Dhabi.

We gathered data using a Trackman 4 launch monitor and used premium range balls.

I play off 17 and a good drive for me will carry 230 yards and run out to 250. So I know if I can get numbers better than that, a driver is working really well for me.

Callaway Rogue vs Callaway Epic driver test – The methodology

The Callaway Rogue driver is not exactly replacing the Epic but it’s the new kid on the block so we wanted to see how the performance compared.

Callaway Rogue vs Callaway Epic

The Callaway Epic driver was probably the best-performing driver we tested in 2017.

And it has had huge success across Europe and America as the best-selling driver.

Callaway Rogue vs Callaway Epic

So why even introduce the Rogue? Well, golf companies like Callaway and TaylorMade need to have product launches each year to create a buzz around their brands.

They both try and get all their tour players kitted out in the latest models. Sergio Garcia, for example, is using the Rogue Sub Zero.

Like we said, the Rogue isn’t replacing the Epic. The Epic will continue and the three Rogue drivers – standard, draw and Sub Zero – will sit alongside the regular Epic and Sub Zero models.

But is the Rogue better than the Epic? How is it different? And could it still tempt people to trade-in their Epic models?

We tested both the standard Rogue and standard Epic in a 10.5˚ head using the new Project X Even Flow shaft.

Callaway Rogue vs Callaway Epic Driver test – The technology

Callaway had huge success with what they call Jailbreak technology in the Epic drivers.

Callaway ROgue driverCallaway Rogue vs Callaway Epic

It consists of two titanium bars which connect the crown and the sole to stiffen up the head and allow the face to take more of the load.

Did it work? We think it did as we saw slightly better ball speed numbers with the Epic than with any of the other drivers we tested last year.

So unsurprisingly, we have still got Jailbreak technology in the Rogue drivers but with a slight tweak.

Callaway Rogue vs Callaway Epic

The titanium bars have changed to an hourglass shape which Callaway say has saved a bit of weight.

And that weight saving has allowed them to create a slightly larger footprint with the Rogue.

It’s larger but it’s also lighter. And as well as offering a more confidence-inspiring look at address, Callaway say the Rogue is more forgiving with more of a ‘weight back’ design than the Epic.

The fact that there is no sliding weight adjustability like there is in the Epic also saves weight which allowed Callaway to improve the MOI and forgiveness of this driver.

Callaway Rogue vs Callaway Epic driver test – The results

This test certainly did one thing. And that was to remind us just how good the Epic is.

We saw fantastic ball speed and carry numbers, tight dispersion and a strong flight.

Callaway Rogue vs Callaway Epic

In fact, I think the best drive I hit with the Epic on the day had a the fastest ball speed of any of the 2018 models we also tested.

So if we didn’t know it already, the Rogue really had it’s work cut out.

Now one area where the Rogue excels for me it the confidence it inspires at the address position.

The Epic is a sexy club and produces fantastic numbers but I never felt overly comfortable when stood over the ball. It is slightly more compact than what I’d go for.

So although the Rogue didn’t quite get as good ball speed and carry numbers as the Epic, the all-round package is a bit more appealing to me.

Callaway Rogue vs Callaway Epic

My average numbers with the Rogue are well up there compared to all the other drivers I have hit so far this year.

Callaway Rogue vs Callaway Epic driver test – NCG verdict

So if I owned an Epic would I be rushing out to buy a Rogue? I don’t think I would be.

If I was looking to upgrade my two or three-year old driver would I be interested in the Rogue? Absolutely.

It’s large, it’s forgiving, it looks great, the numbers are excellent, I love the new Even Flow shaft which comes as a stock option – there’s nothing not to like about the Rogue.

I can totally understand why there are three Rogue drivers too. The standard model will work for 75 percent of golfers, then there’s the draw model for those who want to straighten out their ball flight a bit. Or maybe it will be closer to 50:50 between the standard and the draw.

And then the Sub Zero model is more for the elite player – much more so than the Epic Sub Zero which was surprisingly forgiving.

The price of the Rogue drivers is a bit of a negative as there are some excellent drivers available for less than £400.

But Callaway are on top of their game at the moment and if you want the number one driver, it’s going to cost you.

Callaway Rogue vs Callaway Epic details

Rouge SRP: £469

Epic SRP: £469

More information can be found on the Callaway website.