Cobra’s 2017 irons line-up includes the Cobra King F7, Forged Tour and both coming in One Length versions.

There’s also the King Oversized irons for the super game-improvement market.

We tested each iron out on a ‘first hit’ basis as there was a lot to go through. We will bring you more in-depth videos of each iron between now and the products being available to buy in 2017.

Cobra King F7, Forged Tour and One Length irons – First impressions

Cobra King F7

The Cobra King F7 irons are what I would expect to be the more mass-market product in Cobra’s 2017 line-up as they will appeal to a wide-range of abilities.

The King F6 was an excellent iron and if anything Cobra have added a bit more shelf appeal with a lighter chrome finish and cool graphics on the back of the head.

It’s a mid-sized iron which should appeal to single figure as well as 20+ handicappers.

Cobra KIng F7 irons

The Forged Tour is another stunning looking iron but isn’t intimidating so again would appeal to a fairly wide-range of players.

The fact that both are available One Length versions is a very interesting move. It comes from working closely with Bryson DeChambeau who uses the Forged One.

Cobra believe it is going to give golfers of all abilities more accuracy and consistency.

Cobra King F7, Forged Tour and One Length irons – The Technology

Cobra King Forged Tour

The One Length irons will be available in the all-new King F7 and Forged Tour models – both also available in standard variable lengths.

In the F7 One and Forged One sets, each iron has a shaft the length of a 7-iron with the theory being that it allows golfers to use one swing and set-up with each club.

Cobra say progressive weighting and technology throughout the set ensures consistent trajectory and distance gapping from long irons to wedges.

Research by the brand showed players testing the King One Length irons improved in accuracy, with tighter distance and dispersion variation from shot-to-shot, leading to increased confidence and better iron play.

The King F7 and King F7 One Length irons incorporate progressive cavity construction to optimise the performance characteristics of each iron.

The King Forged One – as used by DeChambeau – have tungsten weighting in irons 4-7 for lower and centered CG while a TPU insert in irons 4-8 dampens vibrations for better feel and moves weight toward the perimeter for added heel and toe forgiveness.

Cobra King forged tour

Cobra admit they are unsure to what extent club golfers will buy into the concept but they’ve certainly done their homework on the performance benefits.

Cobra King F7, Forged Tour and One Length irons – Results/NCG verdict

After hitting shots with the King F7, Forged Tour and King Oversized irons it’s clear once again that Cobra have upped their game in this area.

Sound and feel with all three are very pleasing, there are very good shaft and grip options. Whichever package suits you, you won’t get short-changed.

The King OS irons are incredibly easy to launch and will fill players with plenty of confidence. There’s even an alignment aid on the face.



For me (17 handicap), they were just launching a bit too high and spinning too much but for someone who struggles to get much air time these could be a revelation. They did have a very light shaft too. They all went dead straight for me too.

I immediately noticed a bit more carry with the Cobra King F7 irons as the spec was much more suited to me. Dispersion was also nice and tight.

The performance of the Forged Tour was arguably the best for me out of the three which I didn’t expect but I know the Cobra King F7 will perform better for me on mis-hits.

I absolutely love the look, sound and feel of the Forged Tour. They would be a incentive for me to get better because of the feeling you get when hitting one out of the middle.

What’s absolutely clear is that there’s a Cobra iron for every type of player in 2017.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth review of the One Length irons which we felt needed to be tested over a longer period of time to get tangible results.

For more information visit the Cobra website HERE