Tigers, dogs, unicorns and pineapples... does that sound of interest to you? Here's our favourite novelty headcovers that will become your driver's new best friend!

If you thought golf was always taken seriously, think again!

You’ve probably seen comedy headcovers galore down at your club – tigers, dogs, unicorns and pineapples to name a few. If we’ve missed any out, do let us know…

On a serious note, your driver is one of the most expensive clubs in your bag and is also one of the most fragile. Animal headcovers offer just as much protection as standard headcovers, with the only difference being their wacky designs that are just too good to miss out on.

Back in the day, you used to buy your woods together and get a trio of cheap knitted socks to look after your woods, but not any more. Many brands now manufacture whole heap of cool and unique designs to give your golf bag a little more personality.

We’ve tracked down the funniest and most irresistible custom animal golf headcovers that we think will look great on your driver and woods. After all, wildlife does belong outside, so they’ll appreciate being in their natural habitat while you’re playing golf!

Best animal golf headcovers

Daphne’s Novelty Headcover – Golden Retriever

Daphne’s Novelty Headcover – Otter

Daphne’s Novelty Headcover – Pink Unicorn

Daphne’s Novelty Headcover – Brown Turkey

Daphne’s Novelty Headcover – Dachshund

Daphne’s Novelty Headcover – Calico Cat

Daphne’s Novelty Headcover – Squirrel

Daphne’s Novelty Headcover – Tiger

Daphne’s Novelty Headcover – Black Bear

Daphne’s Novelty Headcover – Zebra

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