What will you change about your game in the coming months? Perhaps you'll work on something? Or just get out more? The NCG team have a number of ideas to help you on your journey

We all do it. We spend the Christmas period watching the scales turn against us as we vow to turn over a new leaf the second December’s out. And our golf game is no different. Perhaps your clubs have been stowed in the garage for months by this point. Or perhaps you’re just too stubborn to do anything about it. Well, let’s get through this together. The NCG team have put together a list of New Year’s Resolutions for golfers from which you can take all the inspiration you need…

Golf New Year’s Resolutions

1. Play more golf (obviously)

“Simple as that. It’s been a long time since I played as little golf as I did in 2022. Reversing this trend is an absolute priority. It might be a New Year’s Resolution that I can actually keep as well!”

Steve Carroll

2. Work on your long game

“I have no intention of playing golf in mud. Nor do I like it when my trousers get wet up to the knees because I have spent too much time in the rough. Accordingly, I am going to spend the next few months trying to learn to drive the ball more accurately and rediscover one of the game’s purest pleasures – that of whacking driver and catching it good and square.”

Dan Murphy

3. Work on your short game

The short game area at my club, Woburn, is one of the best in the country, yet I think I’ve used it twice since it opened in 2015. Not only is this shameful, but it’s a massive reason why my chipping is hideously inconsistent, so I think it’s about time I stopped smashing driving on the range and started making my practice more productive. 

George Cooper

4. Work on your iron game

“I generally drive the ball well and, thanks to my new driver, straight. I’m not bad when it comes to the art of putting, either. It’s just everything in between that wrecks my scorecard. I’m not alone when I say I could be standing over a 160-yard shot with absolutely no idea of where my ball could end up. It seriously needs work. This is the year.”

Alex Perry

new year's resolutions for golfers

5. Play more golf competitions

“I tend to only put cards in when I go away for tournaments, which means I can put loads of rounds in one month and then none for ages. Putting cards in more consistently can only be helpful.”

Hannah Holden

6. Be less emotive

“I need to stop reacting so negatively to shots that aren’t that bad. It’s unnecessary. Golf is hard. And I’m just not that good at it.”  

Jack Backhouse

7. Put the scorecard away

“It’s a friendly knock-about with pals, why are you keeping score? Just you, your pencil bags, and good chat, that’s all you need.”

Tom Irwin

8. Carry (if you can)

“I’ve recently rediscovered my love for walking courses with a good carry bag. Of course this isn’t an option for everyone, but I’m fortunate to still be young enough to take advantage of the extra benefits this brings.”

Ben Outhwaite

So will you be taking on any of our New Year’s Resolutions for golfers? Or have you got any of your own that we’ve missed? Tweet us and tell us all about it!


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