Best golf drivers 2018. This is the most comprehensive test you will find of all the latest and greatest drivers on the market for 2018.

Click through for individual reviews and videos of each driver and check out the results table on the final page which shows which ones carried the furthest.

This test effectively started 18 months ago when some of these were released and has continued right through this winter with testing sessions in Abu Dhabi, Leeds and Sheffield.

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Best golf drivers 2018 – Callaway Rogue, Draw, Sub Zero

In a nutshell: The heads look bigger so inspire more confidence than the Epics.

But there’s that  same explosive feeling off the face. Across the board we found the performance was better on mis-hits than with the Epics.

Three heads makes fitting easier and it allows the regular model in particular to max out on forgiveness by doing away with the sliding weight track.

Of the three, I actually got the best numbers with the Sub Zero but if I was choosing one to go into battle with, it’d be the regular Rogue all day long.

Click through to the final page to see a full results table with the best carry numbers.

SRP: £469

Shaft used: Project X Even Flow 6.0

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More information can be found on the Callaway website.