Our Srixon Z65 drivers review took place at the Golf Shack at Moor Allerton in Leeds.

We’ve been hearing lots of good things about these drivers so it was long overdue that we got them in the hands of our Anonymous Big Hitter.

Srixon Z65 drivers review – The methodology

There’s two drivers here the Z565 and Z765. We were keen to see which one was going to perform best for our big hitter.

After a thorough warm-up with some bizarre stretching, our man hit five shots with each driver. The results were monitored on Trackman.

Srixon Z65 drivers review – The technology

Srixon drivers

The Z565 has a slightly larger footprint so we would expect ABH to lead towards the slightly more compact Z765.

At address these drivers both look very clean and classical with no alignment aids so you’d say they were aimed more at the better player.

However, we can see on the sole that the weight it quite far back to promote a bit more spin and forgiveness.

Both drivers feature new technology which Srixon are calling ‘The Ripple Effect’.

It is the culmination of a new sole which absorbs more stress at impact for improved ball speed, a 10 per cent larger sweet spot area and a lightweight crown with weight re-positioned for higher launch.

Srixon Z65 drivers review – The results

It was clear from the Trackman numbers and just from observing the shots that ABH was getting on better with the Z765. It just seemed to have a stronger and more penetrating ball flight.

On the whole these drivers were consistent without being spectacular.

From a ball speed point of view, they weren’t quite getting up towards the 170mph that we have seen from some drivers this year.

But ABH was enjoying the sound and feel and particularly liked the look at address of the Z765.

Srixon Z65 drivers review – NCG verdict

These really are stunning drivers and we think the key to getting the best out of them could be from a really good custom-fit.

We just had some stock 65g stiff shafts here which may have not been working quite so well for ABH as some of the other shafts he has been using this year.

Saying that the performance was still very consistent. And when drivers look as good as these, you’ll be happy with 280-yard drives right down the middle of the fairway right?

SRP: £325

More information can be found on the Srixon website.