We tested the Arccos Driver GPS distance tracking device with the Cobra King F6+ driver at Moor Allerton Golf club in Leeds.

For a limited time, golfers buying a Cobra King LTD, F6+ or F6 driver will receive a free Arccos unit worth £50 so the guys at Cobra sent us one of each to test out on the course.

Arccos Driver

We already know how good the Cobra F6+ driver is as you can see from our review HERE but we were keen to give the Arccos a run-out after learning about it at the PGA Show in Orlando.

Cobra F6+ driver

First impressions of the Arccos Driver GPS distance tracking device

For me, there’s a certain amount of trepidation around any game or shot-tracking device as I fear it will take me an age to get everything set-up before even thinking about making it to the golf course.

Thankfully with the Arccos Driver it couldn’t be more simple.

Screw the unit into the butt of the grip on your driver, download the Arccos Driver app on your mobile. Then press the button on the Arccos unit and your driver and phone will be synced. You’re ready to go on the golf course.


From start to finish this process takes less than five minutes. For someone with a short attention span like me, that’s ideal.

You can get an Arccos set for all 14 clubs but we just tested the driver version.

Technology in the Arccos Driver GPS distance tracking device

The Arccos Driver App will use GPS to automatically find the golf course you are playing.

When you arrive on the tee of a ‘driver’ hole the app tells you it is ready to detect your drive.

The sensor on the club will then detect when a drive has been hit.

As you walk to your ball for your second shot the GPS tracks your movements.

Then, using the microphone the app will detect when you have hit your second shot therefore knowing exactly how far and where your initial drive has gone.

You can simply leave your phone in your pocket and play a round of golf and the unit and app will do the rest.

It will then give you detailed feedback of your driving performance with the options to share the data on social media.

The data is also automatically uploaded to an online platform where you can see how other players around the world are getting on.

Arccos Driver summary

There’s various bonus points awarded for fairways hit and long drives – although if like me you fail to regularly hit it further than 260 yards, don’t be expecting too many of these!

Overall verdict on the Arccos Driver GPS distance tracking device

This is a brilliant gadget which can add fun and feedback from your rounds of golf.

It couldn’t be quicker or easier to set up and the best thing about it is you can simply play golf and then look at the data afterwards.

Alternatively you can keep referring to the app for yardage assistance on the course.

It’s very clever the way it works without having to tap or tag a club before each shot.

The only possible pitfalls are losing GPS signal or battery on your phone but these are two things which aren’t as problematic as they used to be a few years ago.

Praise must also be give to Cobra for offering this device for free with their King drivers. Cobra are a forward-thinking golf company and the collaboration with Arccos is a great fit.

More and more golfers, young and old, are looking to utilise technology when out on the golf course. Any opportunity for data to be shared on social media adds further appeal and helps bring golf into the 21st century.

Mobile phones are often the gateway to technology such as this so any clubs which insist on banning them from the course need to have a serious think about how they are encouraging people to take up and enjoy the game.



James Savage

Former equipment editor of NCG. Inconsistent ball-striker and tea-maker.

Handicap: 17

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