What's new? How much do they cost? And how do they perform? Tom Bullough brings you the low down on the new Adidas S2G Spikeless golf shoes

Adidas is a well-known, established brand for golfwear, offering an extensive range of footwear – with everything from spiked to spike-less and classic to the modern, running inspired golf shoe. This particular shoe offers a generous amount of colour options and styles. Tested for this review were the white and grey. 

So how did we find them? Find out in our Adidas S2G SL 23 golf shoe review.

Adidas S2G Spikeless golf shoes review: NCG Summary

Adidas S2G Spikeless golf shoes
4.5 star review

A classic Adidas shoe. This spikeless trainer-style mode is ideal for the summer golfer.


  • Extremely comfortable out of the box.
  • Excellent looking.
  • Great support around the ankle.


  • Fairly easy to get muddy due to the material

First Impressions

My initial reaction was that these shoes presented themselves as a lightweight, fashionable golf shoe, which I was really excited to put to test out on the course. They are stylish enough to suffice the modern golfer, whilst maintaining that classic golf shoe look. 

They felt versatile enough to be able to wear out and about so you are always ready for an impromptu range session or quick 9 after work.

Adidas S2G Spikeless golf shoes review

The style is fairly plain, with some iconic Adidas branding down the side, as most Adidas shoes possess. I would quite like to see some subtle detailing at the front end of the shoe, but for no more reason than personal preference.

On Course Testing

Putting these on for the course ahead had me quite excited. They look great and reminded me of a prime Roger Federer stepping into centre court – only to be chuckled at after hitting my tee shot.

The testing took place at a local heathland golf course, where the weather was excellent – ideal for zig-zagging across the fairway. The stability of the shoe was just as required, the spikeless outsole features rubber spikes which offered good traction and support for a full round of golf. Adidas implemented the ‘bounce midsole’ which I presume is the technical way of explaining the shoe’s comfort – either way, it works for me. 

Muddier conditions may present a problem to keep them looking clean and presentable due to the soft cushioned exterior, which gathered smudges of mud quite quickly, despite my best efforts. I’d definitely recommend them as summer shoes to keep them looking fresh as long as possible.

The shoes did start to rub at the back of my heel towards the end of the round, nothing too concerning as there was a lot of walking throughout the day. This is only an observation as the second round didn’t share the same issue, they felt good around my feet and as comfortable as required. Perhaps the winter sports socks weren’t required for the shoes, they will definitely be used for the summer’s golf in a pair of trainer socks and a score of 79 distantly on the horizon.


All in all on the course, the shoes were functional and comfortable. With the materials used, I wouldn’t expect these to last forever, however more than suitable for casual golfers, or the serious golfers who enjoy a midweek 9 holes of golf through the summer.

The 19th hole

The S2G’s are a solid, all-round shoe. A suitable hybrid option for darting off the range back to work without anyone questioning your attire for the extended lunch break, or heading into the clubhouse for reflections of the day. 

These also come in at an excellent price point of £100, allowing for the perfect fresh set for the season or a stylish second pair without breaking the bank. 

Adidas golf shoes

In summary, I really liked the shoes. They are great for throwing on without much thought, are really comfortable and offer enough support for the impromptu round of golf.

Fit: True to Size
Style: Athletic/Off Course Friendly/Casual
Out of Box Comfort: 9.5/10
Stability: 10/10
Value for Money: 9.5/10

Adidas S2G Spikeless golf shoes review: The Details

Available: Now
RRP: £100
Sizes: UK 6.5-13 (inc. half sizes).
Colours: White/Multi or Black/White/Grey.
More info: Adidas Website

How do we test golf shoes?

At National Club Golfer, we are passionate about producing accurate and thorough reviews and making sure our testing process is rigorous so we get a good understanding of how each pair of shoes performs.

Each shoe is worn out on the golf course whilst playing golf, so we can get an idea of overall performance in terms of factors like comfort, grip, stability in the golf swing, waterproof protection and how they actually look on the golf course.

What is important when buying Golf shoes?

When buying new golf footwear its important to know what attributes or features you value the most before deciding on a brand or model to buy. For example, do you want spiked or spikeless shoes?

A lot of golfers think comfort is paramount when choosing a shoe, we are going to be standing in them for 3-5 hours right? Some golf shoes on the market have special insoles and cushioned mid-soles designed to keep your feet feeling fresh.

Grip is vital to good performance on the golf course as any foot slip in dry or wet conditions can not only cause the golf club to swing improperly but may also lead to an injury.

Nearly all golf shoes will either be fully waterproof or offer some kind of water resistance, and this is important as real die-hard golfers play in every weather condition. Having wet feet for 4 hours is not and will never be fun.

How good the shoe looks is of course subjective to personal style, but is important to any player. Do you prefer an athletic-looking shoe, or are you more traditional? Does your shoe offer on-course off-course style or do you want shoes purely for the course? Does the style of shoe you like have the best color options for your golfing wardrobe?

Price is the last factor to consider. With the models above we have tried to find shoes at all different price points so if you want a shoe at a lower cost, you can get one. Or if you want to spend more, you can do that too. Importantly there is something for everyone.

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Tom Bullough

Tom is a former professional rugby player (not that he likes to be defined by it) turned avid golfer. Who once went viral on twitter for a very impressive display of the shanks. He loves all things equipment and is often caught in the office eyeing up yet another driver. He plays off a handicap of 15.6 which he doesn't like reminding rounds up to 16.

Handicap: 15.6

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