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Buying Guides: Best women’s golf balls

Let's talk essentials. What are the best performing women's golf balls?

The growth of women’s golf is showing no signs of slowing down, that’s for sure.

And with an increase in participation comes the need for more dedicated golf equipment for the female demographic in the sport.

But without a golf ball you won’t be playing any golf at all!

When it comes to women’s golf balls, it’s important to separate the ones that will benefit your game from the ones that won’t.

That’s not to say that the ones that won’t benefit your game are a waste of time; they might be great for a different purpose, but what’s the point in using a golf ball that hinders your game?

But if you’re reading this then that won’t be an issue, as we’ve rounded up what we think are the best performing women’s golf balls in a variety of categories.

Below each product you’ll find a handy ‘Buy Now’ button which will take you straight to where you can buy the product from. And the best thing is they’re all available online, so there’s no need to venture out to get one!

Best women’s golf balls

Best overall women’s golf ball

TaylorMade Tour Response Golf Ball

The TaylorMade Tour Response Golf Balls are a tour-quality golf ball with a 100% cast urethane cover, designed for high performance at a lower price. It’s soft feel and more spin, with less spend. The Tour Flight Dimple Pattern unlocks next-level aerodynamics while promoting maximum carry distances. This Tour-proven technology, previously found in TP5/TP5x, has been added to Tour Response for the first time. The TaylorMade Tour Response is engineered to respond to your game with a 100% urethane cover for added greenside spin and better feel vs. ionomer. The soft material helps wedge grooves better grip the ball on shots the green, while maintaining shear resistance and greater durability. This low 70-compression design with a Hi-Spring Core is made for pushing the boundaries of ball speed in a soft feeling golf ball. The 3-piece construction of Tour Response was designed to maximize energy transfer and produce fast ball speeds. A new Speedmantle™ with HFM surrounds the low compression core, helping the ball explode off the face at impact.

Key Features:

  • 100% cast urethane cover
  • 3 Piece
  • A 70 compression core
  • New Speed Construction
  • New Tour Flight Dimple
  • New HFM SpeedMantle

Best soft feel women’s golf ball

Srixon Soft Feel Ladies Golf Balls

With incredible softness off the tee or around the greens, the new SOFT FEEL LADY also provides a higher launch. That increased launch angle, combined with a woman’s swing, offers game-changing distance. Play with remarkable softness, added distance, and more confidence on every each shot. Softer near the center and gradually firmer around the perimeter, Soft Feel’s Energetic Gradient Growth Core feels soft while maximizing ball speed. Tuned to a woman’s swing, SOFT FEEL LADY’s core launches higher for an easier launch with more carry. The same pattern used on tour by Srixon staffers, the 338 Speed Dimple pattern increases distance by reducing drag and is especially effective in windy conditions. SOFT FEEL LADY’s Ionomer Cover is remarkably thin and soft, producing ample spin for more control on your greenside shots.

Key Features:

  • Increased Launch For Maximum Distance
  • Soft Feel Improves Distance Control Around The Greens
  • Speed Dimples Reduce Drag & Increase Lift
  • Thin Cover Increases Greenside Spin
  • White

Best women’s golf ball for distance

Titleist Velocity Golf Ball

The Titleist 2022 Velocity Golf Ball has undergone a significant overhaul from its predecessor and now offers the golfer even more distance, speed and feel. The LSX core produces faster speeds on full swing shots a delivers the longest distance in the Titleist range. The new NaZ+ cover has been created to improve greenside feel, allowing the golfer to play with more touch on those crucial, delicate shots around the green that can save your score. A 350 octahedral dimple design produces a consistent a high flighted trajectory which allows golfers to maximise distance on tee shots, and stop the ball more quickly on approach shots. 

Key Features:

  • Longer Distance
  • Extremely Low Long Game Spin
  • High Flight on All Shots
  • Playable Greenside Feel

Best women’s golf ball for slower swing speeds

TaylorMade Kalea Ladies Golf Balls

This lady specific golf ball has been engineered with a soft 60 compression High-Energy REACT Core, to give you a super soft feel and power in every shot.

Key Features:

  • Greater Distance / More Feel
  • Extra Soft Ionomer Cover
  • High-Energy REACT Core
  • 342 Dimple Pattern

Best women’s golf ball for high launch angles

Callaway Reva Ladies Golf Balls

The new Callaway Reva Ladies Golf Balls have been specifically designed to help women golfers increase their distance and launch the ball higher. It has an oversized construction that conforms to the rules of golf and this makes it easier to hit and promotes longer, straighter shots and will help women golfers enjoy their time more on the course.

It features a Tri-Blend Ionomer cover which has been designed to maximise ball speed, and produce a high launch with low spin making this the most forgiving golf ball on the market for women golfers. Available in both White and Pink, the Callaway REVA Ladies Golf Balls are the ideal choice to get the most out of your game.

Key Features:

  • Oversized Construction
  • High Launch & Low Spin
  • Tri-Blend Ionomer Cover
  • Maximum Distance

Best women’s golf ball for feel

Bridgestone Lady Precept Golf Balls

The Bridgestone Lady Precept Golf Ball is the best selling golf ball designed specifically for lady golfers. After more than 15,000 live fittings with women golfers, Bridgestone Golf has developed a woman-specific model engineered for moderate swing speeds. The Lady Precept is designed to produce higher launch and lower spin off the driver to maximise carry and total distance, whilst also providing a soft feel from tee to green.

Key Features:

  • Soft Gradational Core: Softer gradational compression core for longer distance and better feel.
  • 330 Seamless Dimple Design: 330 seamless cover technology optimizes aerodynamics for moderate swing speeds.
  • Soft Responsive Feel With Distance: The prefect blend between distance off the tee with a soft feel around the green.
  • 2 Piece Construction: 2 Piece urethane with low compression.

Best alternate women’s golf ball

Wilson Tour Velocity Feel Golf Balls

The Tour Velocity golf ball offers extreme distance and has a mid compression core to give more playability and feel around the greens. The ball has a high energy core and has advanced aerodynamics for long-distance performance tee to green.

Key Features:

  • High Energy Core
  • Mid Compression
  • Hard Cover Material
  • Enhanced Aerodynamics

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