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Ping Elevation Midlayer review

Best Men’s Midlayers 2023

The best of the best! We roundup the best men’s golf midlayers in 2023


Welcome, fellow golf enthusiasts! As we all know, having the right apparel is just as critical as having the right clubs in the game of golf.

The right mid-layer can make a significant difference in your comfort, mobility, and overall performance on the golf course. Whether you’re facing temperamental weather conditions, or simply want to optimize your swing mechanics, a high-quality golf mid-layer could be your game-changer.

We’ve set out to review a collection of popular golf mid-layer products to help you choose the best one for your needs. In our lineup, we have the Skins Golf Performance Hoodie, Glenmuir Wick Lightweight Performance Golf Midlayer, Penguin Heritage Colour Block Golf Hoodie, Ping Elevation Midlayer, Footjoy Colour Block Midlayer, Abacus Gleneagles Thermo Midlayer, and the Under Armour Storm Sweater Fleece.

Best Men’s Midlayers 2023

Skins Golf Performance Hoodie

5 star review

Reviewed by Jack Backhouse

I really like the subtle print on the sleeve and the quiet logo on the pocket, which Skins Golf are calling a kangaroo pouch. Love it. I had a hard time choosing a colour as the options available are all bold colours and look great.

The Skins Golf Performance Hoodie fits me perfectly. Finally! A fit designed for someone with an ‘athletic’ shape.

Another great point is the narrow sleeves. There’s nothing worse than sleeves that are baggy and need messing with every time you grip the club. Skins Golf have nailed this.

I have had absolutely no issue playing golf in this hoodie. The 4-way stretch materials mean it is comfortable and moves and stretches when I do. Unrestricted movement and versatility are key points when choosing golf wear that you actually want to perform in, and the Performance Hoodie provides that with abundance.

The Skins Golf Performance Hoodie is an unrivalled on and off-course piece. I’ve worn this loads for golf, and then in the bar after I’ve even had some compliments on it in the clubhouse. Not only this, I wear this socially and even think it’s smart enough to wear out for dinner, which is not something I’ve ever done with a golf garment before.


  • Light and stretchy
  • Brilliant fit
  • Looks fantastic on and off the course


  • Not the warmest hoodie, must be worn with additional layers if it’s chilly

Sizes: UK S-XXL

Colours: Cool Stone, Navy Azure, Auburn Blaze.

More info: Skins Golf Website

Glenmuir Wick lightweight performance golf midlayer

4.5 star review

Reviewed by Ben Outhwaite

Glenmuir also say the midlayer is “Made from functional, advanced and breathable performance fabrics”. They’re some pretty exciting claims, given its humble appearance. I’m starting to think there’s more to this piece of kit than meets the eye…

There’s no denying that the Wick feels so smooth to the touch. It’s made from jersey-knit fabrics, which are synthetic fabrics made from a natural yarn-like cotton. The smoothness makes sense now.

The subtle gold Glenmuir branding along the back of the collar isn’t the only neat touch this midlayer bears. Wait until you notice the small patterns all over the top are in fact miniature trophies!

It offers of freedom of movement in abundance during the swing – in fact, I’m struggling to think of a mid layer which has offered me more in the past. After reading up on the product description, the fabric is made from a 4-way stretch system that moves and fits closely with the body, meaning it doesn’t get too tight, nor too lose, to the wearer.

I really enjoyed wearing this garment. It’s one of those no-nonsense pieces of clothing with very few downsides.

Given it’s available in a tonne of colourways, I’d say this mid layer would be ideal for wearing not only on the course, but off it, too.


  • Freedom of movement in abundance
  • So lightweight!
  • Available in some gorgeous colourways


  • None to report


Colours: Pretty much everything!

More information: Glenmuir Website

Penguin Heritage Colour Block golf hoodie

4.5 star review
Penguin Heritage Colour Block golf hoodie review

Reviewed by Matt Chivers

This isn’t your usual golf hoodie designed to battle the elements. The stitch-like Cotton and Coolmax Polyester fabric are very soft and comforting.

When first picking up the hoodie from the bag, it was very light and felt like a knitted jumper you could get as a Christmas present.

The fabric is stretchy and the hoodie comes with a ribbed collar and stamped logo which adds to a clean and smart look.

The stretch fabric allows for maximum freedom of movement and no part of this hoodie restricts your movement or feels tight.

Some golfers could possibly prefer a hoodie in which they can tighten the hood. This aspect is missing, but from my perspective, this didn’t affect the enjoyment I took from wearing it.

COOLMAX technology is described as “a family of Polyester fibres” that help you “beat the heat.” The hoodie is made with cooling technology and moisture-wicking material.

Having worn the item in hot weather, I certainly experienced this technology first-hand. The layer wasn’t heavy with a very thin and lightweight construction.

It is safe to say this golf hoodie can be worn in almost any context. It wouldn’t look out of place on a day out, at a sports event or virtually any social occasion.


  • The combination of dark blue and light blue creates a pleasing design
  • This hoodie is extremely comfortable and lightweight, leaving no burden on your back
  • The material is free and breathable, acting as an ideal layer in summer evenings or early mornings


  • £90 could be seen as too expensive by some for this hoodie.

Sizes: UK XS-XXL

Colours: Pearl Grey Heather/Black Iris Bijou Heather

More info: Penguin website

Ping Elevation Midlayer

4.5 star review
Ping Elevation Midlayer review

Reviewed by Steve Carroll

The Ping Elevation Midlayer is a serious contender to consign that fiddling about to history – providing the warmth you need while also allowing you to send a serious fashion statement to your playing partners.

What grabs you when first putting it on is how warm it is. It’s got the properties and lightweight character of a midlayer but it feels like a fleece inside.

It’s well-fitted and snug without being restrictive. The fitting is true to size, too, the cuffs hanging nicely around the wrists and not overlapping towards your thumbs.

The hint of elasticity, through the elastane, means it moves just enough to make swinging easy. There is no resistance around the collar or the top of the arms and neither does the bottom ride up.

I found myself caught in a couple of small showers and the Ping Elevation Midlayer dealt with them easily. It is said to be water resistant and droplets do seem to bounce off rather than become absorbed into the fabric. This keeps it lightweight – and it is really light to pick up and put on. I doubt it would be able to withstand a sustained downpour, but that’s what waterproofs are for.

Not only did I look the part in the clubhouse, but I’ve also found this is the perfect piece of clothing to consider in more social occasions too. I’d happily put this on if I was popping out somewhere but didn’t want to be burdened with a coat. I tested the Danube colour scheme but, in my opinion, the Navy is even more fetching.


  • Thermal properties are very evident. This is a very warm midlayer to wear.
  • Raised print design is eye-catching and stands out on the course.
  • Excellent fit, particularly at the cuffs, means it is very easy to swing in.


  • It retains heat so well you probably won’t need to wear it during the summer.

Sizes: UK S-XXXL

Colours: Navy, Pearl Grey, Danube

More information: Ping website

FootJoy Colour Block Mid Layer

4.5 star review

Reviewed by Jonathan Taylor

So there’s nothing particularly striking about this design at first sight. When it comes to handling the garment, it does feel really soft and stretchy, with the usual FootJoy premium construction. This model is available in four colours, a couple of which looked rather garish for my tastes.

I tested the true blue/navy version which I think is the nicest looking and probably the easiest too pair with the rest of your outfit. The style is simple and straightforward. There is a contrasting half-zipper which is a smart touch. The stretch jersey twill fabric is an easy care fabric made from 88% Polyester and 12% Spandex.

The fabric does feel to be at the thinner end of a mid layer spectrum as you would expect for a Spring/Summer item.

As with all FootJoy midlayers, this comes with moisture-wicking technology. Breathability seemed to be fine, with no moisture build-up in the different temperatures experienced during testing.

So here we have another smart and practical midlayer from FootJoy. It is comfortable and a flexible part of a layering system.


  • Comfortable and lightweight.
  • Flexible performance.
  • Stylish looks.


  • Some unusual colours.


Colours: True Blue/Navy, Twilight/Racing Red, Aqua Surf/Lava, Black/Violet.

More info: FootJoy website

Abacus Gleneagles thermo midlayer

4.5 star review

Reviewed by Jonathan Taylor

I really liked the hybrid construction of this midlayer. The yoke (that means chest, upper back and shoulders) is made from a quilted looking fabric that is padded for extra warmth. The rest of the garment is made from a thin, soft and stretchable fleece which is brushed on the inside for added comfort.

Abacus call their fabric ‘drycool’ and this model is made from 92% polyester and 8% spandex. The drycool fabric offers breathability and wicking properties. The half-zip is a contrasting green (or fairway) colour and there’s the same colour green line around the back of the bottom of the garment.

We get the ‘abacus count on it’ wording not only on the right lower aspect of the midlayer but also running vertically on the upper back. Then there is an ‘a’ motif on the right shoulder. Now it’s not quite at Formula 1 level but I would quite happily lose at least one of these three bits of branding.

Although I wasn’t entirely sure about the relaxed fit/look (I hope to test this in a medium and will report back), this garment is an absolute joy to wear. It is lightweight, really comfortable next to the skin and, due to the stretchy fabric, offers no restriction when swinging enthusiastically. The hybrid construction works exceptionally well in that the Gleneagles offers warmth but I haven’t experienced any moisture build up thanks to the breathability and moisture wicking properties of the material.

Because of the branding I think this particular item will spend most of its time on the golf course, where I’m confident it’ll get plenty of use. And with an RRP just under £100 I think it represents good value for money, such is the quality of construction.


  • Really warm and comfortable.
  • Breathable & moisture wicking.
  • Premium build quality.


  • Limited colour choice.

Sizes: UK S-XXXL

Colours: Navy/Fairway, Navy/Sky Blue, Sunset, Black/Stone.

More info: Abacus website

Under Armour Storm Sweaterfleece

5 star review
Under Armour Storm Sweaterfleece

Reviewed by Alex Perry

First of all, I’m sure we call agree that it looks great. The UA Storm Sweaterfleece features a really neat quarter-zip design with the left breast area incorporating a waterproof zip pocket.

But my overriding impression is that is extremely comfortable – something in which Under Armour have really excelled with their 2023 apparel range – and the fit is great. While I wear a medium in t-shirts and polos, I tend to move up to a large with mid and outer layers.

The Storm Sweaterfleece sits really nicely on the shoulders, is not too bulky around the midriff, and the cuffs are noticeably comfortable on the wrists.

UA say the Storm Sweaterfleece fabric has “a soft, brushed interior with stretch for complete mobility”. That will explain the comfort levels, but does it affect the swing?

The short answer is no. What a relief! How many outer layer garments have you owned down the years that are either too bulky, or restrictive, or ride up in your follow through? (Or, indeed, a combination of all three?)

Under Armour tell us the Storm Sweaterfleece is suitable for a variety of weather conditions at any time of year, which makes it perfect for those of us who tee up in the UK.

I wear it all the time. I love it. It looks great. It feels great. It might be my favourite item of golf clothing I’ve ever owned.


  • It fits really nicely
  • It looks great
  • The perfect combo of warm and water repellent for those drizzly autumn days
  • Stretch technology to ensure no restrictions in the swing
  • I can’t believe it’s only £65


Sizes: UK S-XXL

Colours: Black; Steel; Still Water; Academy; Petrol Blue; Blue Mirage, Versa Blue; Stadium Red

More info: Under Armour website

Best Men’s Midlayers 2023

In wrapping up our review of these fantastic golf mid-layer options, we’ve seen a range of styles, materials, and technical features designed to enhance your golfing experience.

Each of these products from the Skins Golf Performance Hoodie to the Under Armour Storm SwearterFleece has its unique strengths. The Glenmuir Wick Lightweight Performance Golf Midlayer and Footjoy Colour Block Midlayer offer superior moisture management, while the Penguin Heritage Colour Block Golf Hoodie and Ping Elevation Midlayer stand out for their stylish designs. Not to forget, the Abacus Gleneagles Thermo Midlayer offers impressive thermal insulation for those colder golf days.

Ultimately, the best golf mid-layer for you will depend on your specific needs, personal preferences, and weather conditions you usually face on the course.

Happy golfing, and may your chosen mid-layer help you make those perfect swings!

Nicola Slater

Nicola Slater

Nicola recently graduated from Stirling University where she studied Sports Studies, she wrote her dissertation on barriers to participation for women in golf.
Nicola plays her golf at Hickleton Golf Club and has recently started her professional career on the LET Access Tour. Having played for Yorkshire Ladies and has represented England at junior and senior level.

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