Not all midlayers have to be heavy duty. It's time for a refreshing change today as Ben Outhwaite reviews the Glenmuir Wick lightweight performance golf midlayer

It’s all about those midlayers in May. We’ve already had offerings from Sunderland in this category, but does the Glenmuir Wick lightweight performance golf midlayer stand out from the crowd? It’s over to Ben Outhwaite as he explains all there is to know about this piece of golf attire.

Glenmuir Wick lightweight performance golf midlayer review: NCG Summary

4.5 star review

A super useful, no-nonsense piece of kit that has very few downsides. It does exactly what it says on the tin and nothing less. What more could you ask for in a golf midlayer?


  • Freedom of movement in abundance
  • So lightweight!
  • Available in some gorgeous colourways


  • None to report

Glenmuir Wick lightweight performance golf midlayer

Now: £70

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Glenmuir Wick lightweight performance golf midlayer review: First Impressions

It’s no debate: midlayers have become a crowded market in the world of golf clothing. That’s because most of them do their job and offer a no-nonsense approach.

For a product to warrant a five star rating for me, it has to have that ‘X-Factor’; something which makes it go above and beyond the competition, like the comprehensive nature of the Sunderland Aspen showerproof golf midlayer, for example.

With the benchmark set very highly already, could the Glenmuir Wick performance golf midlayer match its competition?

Glenmuir claim the Wick midlayer “allows you to get on with your game” on their website. This got my attention as soon as I read the product description.

As ironic as it might sound, the very best garments do their job without being noticed on the course. Why? Because we’re here to play golf, and nothing more.

I’ll admit, it’s not the most striking piece of kit I’ve seen before. But it’s not always about how it looks.

Pick this midlayer up for the first time and you’ll probably agree me with on the last point. This midlayer isn’t just lightweight; it’s super lightweight.

Glenmuir also say the midlayer is “Made from functional, advanced and breathable performance fabrics”. They’re some pretty exciting claims, given its humble appearance. I’m starting to think there’s more to this piece of kit than meets the eye…

There’s no denying that the Wick feels so smooth to the touch. It’s made from jersey-knit fabrics, which are synthetic fabrics made from a natural yarn-like cotton. The smoothness makes sense now.

The subtle gold Glenmuir branding along the back of the collar isn’t the only neat touch this midlayer bears. Wait until you notice the small patterns all over the top are in fact miniature trophies!

Glenmuir Wick lightweight performance golf midlayer review: On The Course

I’m 5’10 and weigh around 150 pounds with a pretty slender build. The medium size fitted me like a soft leather glove. Glenmuir have a handy size guide on their website if you’re struggling to decide which size to go for.

I’d recommend using this as a second layer, either underneath a waterproof jacket on a rainy day, or above a polo shirt on an overcast, yet slightly humid day, as I did.

It offers of freedom of movement in abundance during the swing – in fact, I’m struggling to think of a mid layer which has offered me more in the past. After reading up on the product description, the fabric is made from a 4-way stretch system that moves and fits closely with the body, meaning it doesn’t get too tight, nor too lose, to the wearer.

I did notice a slight feeling of insulation from the mid layer – although not a tremendous amount. This is acceptable, given the fact it’s not the thickest of garments, unlike its big brother the Aspen.

Given that this is a lightweight midlayer, there were no real downsides to this piece of kit. It did its job of keeping me warm and comfortable as well as living up to Glenmuir’s claim of allowing me to get on with my game.

Glenmuir Wick lightweight performance golf midlayer review: The 19th hole

I really enjoyed wearing this garment. It’s one of those no-nonsense pieces of clothing with very few downsides.

Given it’s available in a tonne of colourways, I’d say this mid layer would be ideal for wearing not only on the course, but off it, too.

The colour of the model I reviewed may have been a bit bland, but as you’ll see on the product page over on Glenmuir’s website, it comes available in whatever your favourite colour is! There’s a really sweet-looking tartan green design which caught my eye too…

All in all, the Wick lightweight golf midlayer is the type of top you’ll keep coming back to. It’s already got plenty of use from me out on the course, so I think it’s about time you gave it some TLC too!

Fit: True to Size/Small/Large
Comfort: 9.5/10
Value for Money: 8/10
Colour options: Pretty much everything!

Glenmuir Wick lightweight performance golf midlayer

Now: £70

Check out the best deals on the Glenmuir Wick lightweight performance golf midlayer

Glenmuir Wick lightweight performance golf midlayer review: The Details

Available: Now
RRP: £70
More info: Glenmuir website.

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