Greg Norman has announced what might turn out to be the most important move in the war between his LIV Golf and the PGA Tour. This could get messy

It’s been a bone of contention for some time in the professional game. Why can’t golfers wear shorts in competition?

It does seem – as it does so often in golf – that only tradition stands in the way of common sense. Imagine if footballers we told they must wear trousers during tournaments. Or tennis players. Or swimmers.

Maybe it’s because no golfer looks good in shorts, but it’s been far too

Well, LIV Golf have made the first move – and it was announced with this clip of Greg Norman that was so naff it was actually good…

Forget the players they’re taking. Forget the obscene money. Forget the fact it’s causing untold damage to this beautiful game at the top level. This is the most seismic shift in the professional game in decades. Perhaps forever.

Tiger Woods has long called for players to be allowed to wear shorts on tour. Maybe this is how Norman gets his billion dollar man?

Anyway, the PGA Tour might still be winning the war, but LIV Golf are currently winning the battles.

Though on second thought…

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