Yonex have launched two new exciting clubs – the N1-MB Forged iron and the Tri Principle hybrid.

The iron is a sleek blade that will appeal to the better player while the hybrid is an easy-launching model that benefits from a unique, diagonal groove pattern on the face.

While the Yonex EZone XPG range has been a huge success in the game-improvement market, the N1-MB Forged irons will suit those after a classic blade look at address.


Super soft S25C steel has been used to add maximum feel for improved distance control in the irons which are hand-forged at brand’s Niigata factory in Japan.


There’s also an all-new graphite insert which runs behind the face to bring the centre of gravity down while maintaining a controlled feel at impact.


An all new 3D sole shape results in minimum turf contact and maximum power transfer through the ball.

The new Tri-Principle hybrid features a new diagonal groove pattern which improves contact with the ball off any lie for more consistent spin and distance.

Yonex tri-principle

Interestingly, Yonex engineers found the diagonal grooves resulted in better performance than traditional horizontal patterns but can’t seem to pin down the exact reason why.

Other performance benefits in the hybrid include a weight saving slot in the head to allow weight to be redistributed for a lower centre of gravity.

Yonex Tri Principle

The clubs centre of gravity axis has been positioned through the centre of the club for ideal launch. Normally a clubs centre of gravity axis goes through the toe of the club.

Yonex have added what they call reverse weight flow shafts where the longer the shaft, the lighter it is for an easy swing.

N1-MB: £1,400 (4-PW)

Tri-principle hybrid: £180 (20 ̊, 23.5 ̊, 27 ̊) in stiff, regular and super light.

For more information visit yonex.co.uk