What's new? How much does it cost? And how does it perform? Jack Backhouse brings you the low down on the new Wilson Dynapwr hybrid

How does Wilson’s new hybrid perform? Find out in our Wilson Dynapwr hybrid review.

Wilson Dynapwr Hybrid Review: NCG Summary

wilson dynapwr hybrid
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The Wilson Dynapwr hybrid is a brilliant bit of kit that will end up in many golfers’ bags in 2023. Wilson continues to do a great job building clubs for the mid to high handicapper, and the Dynapwr hybrid absolutely fits the bill.

This hybrid will suit players who use their hybrids regularly and from all kinds of lies. Its large head means there’s a lot to swing at, and it’s easy to get moving out of the thickest of lies.


  • High launching
  • Good out of bad lies
  • Has a giant face that produced good speed from all locations


  • Not adjustable

First Impressions

Wilson’s Dynapwr range is really going to throw a cat amongst the pigeons in the 2023 season. Their complete redesign has produced really good-looking clubs that have top-tier performance and just make you feel good when stood over them. The hybrid is no different.

I love the simplicity of the head design, and the matte black head with red accents looks great. Wilson have used their tour players to help design the head, which has produced a flatter profile that makes it really inviting to hit.

wilson dynapwr hybrid review

NCG Review

I have really enjoyed testing hybrids in 2023. I am probably 20 years late to the party, but as a current non-hybrid user, I’ve been amazed at how easy they are to hit and how easy they are to advance down holes out of the scruffiest of lies.

The Wilson Dyanpwr hybrid may just be the easiest to hit of all I’ve hit this test season.

dynapwr hybrid

If we just start with its looks, the Dynapwr hybrid looks brilliant in your hand and behind the ball. I love that the face is more shallow than before, making it easy to launch, especially from rough lies.

The head is quite big, which not everyone will like, but the mid to high handicapper, who is not necessarily the most consistent ball striker, will be grateful for this. It does give you confidence at address.

My first few strikes with the Wilson Dynapwr hybrid were pretty terrible (user error), but I was pretty pleased with the results. Even with my necky strike, I could still hit a ball that curved to the left and go a reasonable distance, which is great news for the slicers out there.

flightscope data

Wilson have used artificial intelligence to run endless calculations to decide the optimal face thickness to deliver maximum ball speed across different contact points. The result is the Dynapwr hybrid features variable face thickness that produces great speed and a high launch from not only centre hits but also on miss-hit shots.

The shots I hit produced pretty solid results. I tested the 4-hybrid with a stiff shaft, and an average carry of 194 yards for a 200 total is not far off for me. Had I taken out some of the poor strikes and hit more shots, I may have got the averages over 200 which would have made it perfect for my gapping.

Something to note from the data was all but one shot curved to the left in the air. I am currently trying not to hook the ball quite so much and hitting a lot of fades, so despite it going against everything I’m trying to achieve with my swing, this club is an excellent producer of draws and hooks. Worth noting if you are a prolific fader of the ball.

wilson dynapwr driver

At the end of my testing, I threw some balls into some semi and deep rough just to see how easily the club moves through the grass and gets the ball moving. I don’t know if it’s the flatter face design or the low centre of gravity, but the shots came out extremely well and much higher than I expected.

If you are a golfer that uses a hybrid plenty of times in a round because maybe you lack distance off the tee, this golf club will make a huge difference to your game. It’s as easy to hit as any hybrid I’ve hit, and you be very pleased with the results it produces.

Wilson Dynapower Hybrid Review: The Details

Available: Early March 2023

RRP: £195

Lofts: 19°, 22°, 25°,28°

Featured shaft: Project X HZRDUS Smoke Red RDX

More information: Wilson Website

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Jack Backhouse

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