The European Tour star is not just making headlines for his stunning form

Aaron Rai is making quite a name for himself on the European Tour – and not just because he’s now a two-time winner, including his first Rolex Series victory at the Scottish Open.

The 25-year-old from Wolverhampton is grabbing headlines because he wears two gloves when he plays.

But why? Luckily, he’s already answered this.

“It started when I was eight years old,” he explains. “I just happened to be given these two gloves – the guy who actually makes them sent a pair over – and I got into the habit of wearing them.

“Then, a few weeks down the line, my dad forgot to put the two gloves in the bag so I had to play with one. It was terrible. I couldn’t play, I couldn’t feel the grip, so I’ve always stuck with the two gloves ever since.”

Not quite as exciting as we’d have hoped, but interesting nonetheless. If you’re wondering, they are the MacWet gloves from Glenmuir.

Rai also commits the cardinal sin among club golfers of having iron covers…

Aaron. Mate.

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