Which Wilson golf ball will suit your game? We have the lowdown on every model

One of the most famous names in the sport, Wilson’s reputation for golf ball performance has been steadily growing over recent years, with a strong range of products being both usable and affordable for all club golfers. Featuring a brand new lineup for 2022, we take a look at the latest Wilson golf ball range, helping you to decide which one is right for your game.

Wilson golf balls: Triad

A ball designed specifically to help players break 80? Sounds intriguing, right? The Wilson Triad is the most technically advanced ball the company has made to date, designed to reduce overall driver spin while improving speed and adding stability.

The high MOI approach of the Triad moves some of the weight from the centre of the ball to the outer layers, helping to create a true and stable flight. This all adds up to a product which should help golfers find the fairway more often, allowing them to attack the green with increased regularity.

wilson golf ball

When it comes to iron play, the Triad has another trick up its sleeve in the form of Wilson’s thinnest-ever case urethane cover. This cover interacts with the grooves to produce more short game spin and a softer overall feel.

As the name suggests, there’s a third element to the Triad, one which Wilson say will be most noticeable on the greens. The new patent-pending ‘tri-balance’ construction helps remove any inconsistencies, ensuring a pure and consistent roll throughout the ball.

Overall, we’ve been impressed by the Triad, and feel it’s got a strong place in the market, particularly at a RRP of under £40.

Wilson Golf Balls: Staff Model

Wilson’s 4-piece tour calibre offering, the Staff Model features a seamless urethane cover and ultra-thin paint to maximise consistency from every ball that leaves the factory.

The product has a premium feel and provides comparable distances and spin to many of the market leaders at the top end of the golf ball category. The ‘V-Cor’ centre is the main driver in this, produced to maximise velocity and energy return on full shots.

The brand have also worked hard on the Staff Model’s trajectories, creating a product which produces a slightly lower flight to meet the requirements of lower handicapped players seeking a more penetrating ball flight.

All-in, the Staff Model is a solid offering in the more premium category, but does face some stiff competition here from some of the golf’s more established ball manufactures

Wilson Golf Balls: Staff Model R

Wilson have one more ace in the hole which may steer some towards their Staff Model lineup, and this comes in the shape of the Staff Model R. The R, or ‘raw’ model, refers to the unpainted finish on the golf ball, which Wilson claim can further increase consistency.

Wilson golf ball

As paint is added to golf balls, there is a risk that it may spread unevenly, with the potential for excess paint to gather within the dimples, and resulting in an inconsistent flight. While other top manufacturers will mitigate this through rigorous testing and technological development, Wilson believe the simplest solution is to simple leave the ball unpainted altogether.

The result is a ball that is constructed exactly the same as the standard Staff Model, but which spins slightly more due to how the outer layer interacts with the club face. One down side to the Staff Model R is that visually it can wear slightly sooner than other options due to the lack of paint protection.

Wilson Golf Balls: Duo Soft+

Wilson tout their 2-piece Duo Soft+ ball to be both the longest and softest in its category. The product is helped by the brand’s ‘VelocitiCOR’, with the ball designed to eke out every ounce of power.

wilson golf balls

Only available in white, the Duo Soft+ can be found for just over £20 per dozen, making it one of the most cost-effective products on the market. On top of this, if you prefer a soft feel, you’ll struggle to find anything more pleasing when struck well.

Wilson Golf Balls: Duo Optix

If the plain colourways offered elsewhere in Wilson’s lineup aren’t quite your thing, then the the Duo Optix might be the ball for you. The ball is offered in a choice of yellow, red and green, ideal for standing out from the crowd.

wilson golf ball

Although not Wilson’s most premium offering, the Duo Optix is still designed to provide solid distance for its users who should have no problem spotting their ball from the tee due to the brightness of the finish.

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