Feuds have long been part of sports. They are unavoidable, even in front of the camera and during the tournament itself. Overall, they make the game even more exciting by adding spice to it.

This is what happened to the two most well-known golfers of the century: Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka. These players were seen in the middle of a rivalry during their tournaments. They even got broadcasted by the media due to their frequent rivalries in public. Given that, here is a brief history behind their feud. So, with these sportsmen caught in a public feud it will be interesting to see how the golf odds reflect on each player going forward this season.

January 2019

The feud all started in January 2019 during the Dubai Desert Classic. Koepka called the tournament embarrassing, with Bryson being a long hitter. Bryson defended himself by stating that Koepka’s attitude and performance dominantly affected the game that’s why it must be called out. He also said that within 45 seconds, hitting their targets effectively was no easy job. It requires hard work, determination, and wisdom to do so. With this exchange of innuendos, the two began their endless feud that extended even up to this year. And now, let’s see what’s next.

August 2019 – Clandestine Northern Trust

After their viral rivalry for two days, Bryson approached Ricky Elliott, who is Koepka’s caddie during the final-round tee, upon the request of Koepka for a tete-a-tete. Upon the arrival of Koepka, the message was instantly passed to everyone in the area that just ignited the feud even more.

Koepka then responded calmly and said that it’s okay. There were no issues for him, yet after 48 hours, the internet misconstrued the two golf champions. At the parking lot, the two were interviewed by Michael Collins and Pat Perez of Sirius XM Radio show and asked if there would be a heavyweight title regarding Out of Bounds. The two just laughed. Also, Collins praised them, yet Koepka received more even from Bryson himself. Koepka then accepted the praises with confidence that made the audience laugh hard.

January 2020 – Brooks’ Abs Call-out

Although the past feuds were only light, at the beginning of the year 2020, the worst internet rival went viral. This was even considered the worst year. That is because of Bryson calling out the abs of Brooks and his violation of the peace treaty, which implements the anti-disclosure of information such as body parts and abs to the public or the internet. After 24 hours, Koepka responded by advising Bryson to take all the muscles up to his head.

February 2020 – Fit List

After that, the fit list 2020 arrived, and Bryson was chosen as one of the successful members. He then began thanking his people and stated that he would surely take back every sacrifice made for him. He also acknowledged each of his supporters except Koepka.

July 2020- The Kenny Powers

In the following months, the COVID-19 pandemic started affecting every community sector, including golf tournaments and clubs. But despite this, the feud between Bryson and Koepka continued. The quarantine was good and beneficial for the feud between the two, though. For five close months, there were no signs of rivalry between Koepka and Bryson. Some believe that they started maturing.

July 2020 – Part 2

For part 2, the two were believed to have moved on from the feuds; however, this was a wrong assumption. The rivalry expanded even more after the official’s denial of Bryson’s request. He was also discouraged from making up for the official ruling.

August 2020

After the denial, Koepka commented and encouraged his rival to view golf as a major event sport. He also encouraged him to learn more and become an expert in playing golf to avoid getting denied.

October 2020

Right after viewing the interview, Bryson tapped Koepka and asked if he was aware of the 2020 US Open at Winged Foot. Bryson kept on intimidating Koepka by saying he’s not even too famous and experienced to encourage him like what Koepka said the previous month. This only gave the feud more concern and pressure.

May 2021

And here comes the latest information about the heated arguments between Koepka and Bryson. On the Monday morning of May 2021, Bryson kept on sparking his spikes and arguments against his rival. He gave statements about the other party and event related their situation to a boxing match. Will this really happen? Well, it’s another exciting chapter to look forward to.

So far, Koepka has not yet responded to Bryson’s claim. Yet, there’s one thing sure to happen in the next coming months–Koepka will come and regain his damaged reputation against his rival, Bryson. And so, keyboard warriors must be prepared for this historic rivalry between the world’s two greatest golfers. A lot more is yet to be expected.