When club golfers select a wedge they often only think about loft.

But within the Titleist Vokey Wedges range there are six different grind options which have all offer something different.

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Selecting a wedge can depend on a number of things. Firstly, it is important to get the right lofts so you have nice, even gaps between you pitching wedge and your lob wedge.


But everyone has their own unique technique. Some players may come down steeply on the ball, some may like to slide the club underneath the ball.

Different turf conditions also play a part. Are the fairways on your home course firm or soft? What is the sand in the bunker like.

This is why there are so many options in the Titleist Vokey Wedge range.

There are six different grind options which are explained briefly below.


For a more detailed explanation and to find which wedges will be best suited to you, click on the video to hear Jeremy Stone, marketing director at Titleist Vokey Wedges, talk us through the different options.

Mid and high bounce, ideal for full shots, available in 46Ëš-56Ëš

High bounce, ideal for bunkers and chipping around the green, available in 58Ëš and 60Ëš

Mid bounce, suitable for players who play with a square face, available in 54Ëš-60Ëš

Mid bounce, suitable for players who like to manipulate the club face, available in 54Ëš-60Ëš

Low bounce lob wedges, ideal for firm conditions and a sliding technique, available in 58Ëš and 60Ëš

Specialist lob wedge, only available in 62Ëš


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