Five-month-old ‘Freddie’ paid his first annual subscription to keep Welsh club Vale of Llangollen going through the coronavirus crisis

We’ve all heard tales of golf’s early starters but this tiny prodigy must be setting some kind of record. Vale of Llangollen have announced their youngest new member – five-month-old ‘Freddie’.

The tot paid his first annual subscription at the North Wales club, with the help of his parents, to support chiefs as they try to steer a path through the coronavirus pandemic.

Vale of Llangollen had already showed their support for members, asking for the same in return, when they offered a 15-month deal to renew.

And many stalwarts have already contacted the club to confirm they will be paying their subscriptions to help keep the course going for Freddie and the other “inspiring” juniors.

Club manager Hayley Henson said: “This marvellous gesture was from one of our newer members who sees the benefit in helping to keep our wonderful club buoyant during these troubling times.

“Like virtually every other golf club in the UK, we face a battle for our survival caused entirely by Covid-19.

“Of course it is sometimes difficult to balance the needs of our employees, our membership and the need to maintain the course ready for its eventual reopening set against our present financial limitations.

“We are, literally, taking a week-by-week approach but have the flexibility to immediately react to changes outside of our control.

“Thankfully we have a truly wonderful membership who continue to support every initiative we offer and, with the proactive approach of our fantastic Board, we WILL be one that survives.”

Does your club have a younger member than Freddie at Vale of Llangollen? How are you helping your club get through the pandemic? Let me know in the comments or tweet me.

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