NCG takes on the tricky lie challenge

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James Savage is joined by two NCG colleagues to put their short game skills to the test with three devilish up and down efforts. How did they get on?

The NCG tricky lie challenge took place at Rudding Park near Harrogate, where I was joined by Mark Townsend and Christian Maiden to once again embarrass ourselves.

This time it was for a test of our short games.

up and down challenge

Up and down challenge: The rules

We’ve got three nasty, real-life golfing situations here – short-sided in a bunker, short-sided behind a bunker, short-sided behind a bunker in some thick rough.

Each player has one shot from each position and the person who gets it closest to the hole most often, wins.

Up and down challenge: The results

For the results, you’ll have to watch the video above. But if, for whatever reason, you’re not able to do that, we’ve put them on the next page so not to spoil it for those that prefer to watch…

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