Professional golfers come under intense scrutiny from the media and viewing public during a tournament over how they dress. Many play it safe and stick with convention. But those who break away from the norm of wearing a plain polo top, sensible trousers and a cap will soon find that they have broken the internet with the social media storm they have created. And nothing creates more of a fuss than golf hats that are a little bit wacky.

Here is a selection of some of the best and worst hats in the world of golf.

Best: Greg Norman

Greg Norman

Most club golfers would look like right plonkers if they tried to copy Greg Norman’s Cowboy-style straw hat look. But the Crocodile Dundee lookalike, who is nicknamed the ‘Shark’, is cool enough to pull it off. Bravo, sir!

Worst: Ian Poulter


golf hats Ian Poulter

Ian Poulter loves a good visor.

They don’t mess up his spiked hair and they are an essential accessory for his many brightly coloured tops and trousers.

But unfortunately visors aren’t cool and never will be. Sorry Poults!

Best: Ben Hogan

Golf hats

He is considered one of the greatest golfers of all time and his sharp play on the course also applied to his dress sense.

The nine-time Major champion could rock a good flat cap.

Worst: John Daly

Golf hats

John Daly’s inclusion in this article won’t come as a great surprise to many golf fans. The controversial American is well known for his outrageous outfits – his hats are no different.

From a Dallas Cowboys beanie to an army-style green cap, pictured above, Daly isn’t afraid to stray away from convention. Unfortunately, he doesn’t stray in the direction of a decent fashion sense.

Best: Bryson DeChambeau

golf hats

This lad is bringing back the old school flat cap with a vengeance and giving it a modern update. Twenty-two-year-old Bryson DeChambeau has made a name for himself on the big stage since turning professional earlier this year and his stylish outfits have helped turn a few heads. The American is playing solid golf and is looking the part in his snazzy flat caps.

Best: Payne Stewart

Golf hats

The late Payne Stewart cut a distinctive figure on the golf course. The retro combination of plus fours and a flat cap is a look that will forever be linked with the three-time Major winner. Some of his outfits were a tad too flamboyant but his flat caps were fashion gold.