When a George Lucas look alike was spotted working as a green keeper at Chichester GC (thanks to Andy Hiseman at Magic Hour Media), we started thinking about golfer lookalikes – those in the golfing world with a spitting image.

I think you’ll agree there’s some corkers in the list, and a few tenuous ones, but it’s all in good fun…

1. Brandt Snedeker and Owen Wilson

An easy starter for 10. The Pebble Beach master is known for his flowing blonde locks so comparisons with the Wedding Crashers and Zoolander star are inevitable.

2. Rory McIlroy and Chunk from The Goonies

We make no apologies to the world number one for this. He’ll be the first to admit he carried a bit of excess puppy fat in the early days of his career. However, we don’t think Rory will be capable of the ‘truffle shuffle’ with his physique now.

3. Rickie Fowler and Zach Efron

Okay Rickie, we’re sorry for digging out this old chestnut. Who had the hair-style first though? Was it the USA Ryder Cup or High School Musical star? I think if we look back a little bit further the inspiration may have come from the 1960s and a Liverpool-based band who had a hit or two…

4. Ian Poulter and Sonic The Hedgehog

This entire feature could have easily been dedicated to the flamboyant Englishman but that would have just been mean.

5. Louis Oosthuizen and Shrek

Another tap-in for golfer lookalikes as far as we’re concerned. The 2010 Open Champion embraces the fact he looks a bit like a cartoon ogre which has to be applauded. And the South African earns even more kudos for saving us a job in Photoshop.

6. Billy Horschel and Christian Bale

It’s not like Bruce Wayne needs any extra cash. And I think even Batman might have been a bit miffed at the way Horschel came out of nowhere to make of with $10m at last year’s Tour Championship and FedEx Cup finale. Either way, we think these two could swap places for the day and get away with it.

7. Colin Montgomerie and Mrs Doubtfire

There are a number of unsubstantiated rumours that the late Robin Williams watched hours of Monty in action in preparation for Mrs Doubtfire. We couldn’t possibly comment.

8. Zach Johnson and Joaquin Phoenix

There’s a reason we never see the 2007 Masters winner without his cap and glasses. Can anyone honestly say they have ever seen this pair in the same room? Didn’t think so. Case closed.

9. Dustin Johnson and Bradley Cooper

Six months off for personal reasons? Or negotiating the contract for Hangover 4?

10. Nick Faldo and Harrison Ford