Hannah Holden takes a look at Titleist's latest models for their 2021 range

The Titleist TSi range that was inspired by NASA’s Mars Rover launched in October has been extended.

Titleist TSi 2021: First impressions

This has to be the most expansive metalwood range on the market. The TSi range now features four driver options, three fairway woods, and three hybrids as Titleist look to provide a line-up that can cater for all golfers.

Titleist TSi 2021

The amount of technology packed into the TSi range is pretty astounding – and it always helps when the products look spectacular as well.

Titleist TSi 2021: The line-up

Right, so in terms of drivers we’ve got the Titleist TSi1 and TSi4, in fairway woods the TSi1, and in hybrids the TSi1, TSi2, and TSi3.

The new lightweight TSi1 will be available as a driver, fairway wood, and hybrid for the first time. This range is all about delivering more speed and distance to players with a slower swing speed – so under 90mph.

Titleist TSi 2021

It’s commendable that Titleist are providing a driver that caters for such a large percentage of the golfers without having to label it to a specific gender or age group.

Next up the new TSi4 gives players the option of an ultra-low spin driver and is designed for those who need to lower their spin to add more distance off the tee.

Titleist TSi 2021

Finally, the new TSi2 and TSi3 hybrids complement the aforementioned TSi1 so Titleist have a hybrid option to suit every golfers.

The TSi2 is designed to be the most forgiving providing high launch for players who have more of a sweeping action. It has a larger profile for those who like the look of a fairway wood.

The TSi3 is a different visual designed to be more compact and squarer in the toe for those who hit down on the ball and prefer and iron-like profile. Along with the rest of the TSi3 range we also see more adjustability in this model.

Let’s take a closer look at the tech…

Titleist TSi 2021: The technology

The TSi4 has the lowest centre of gravity in the driver line-up and it is also the most forward. This means players can deliver the club with less dynamic loft and lower spin.

At 430cc this has a classic, small pear-shaped profile but has more MOI than we have seen in previous four models which helps with a slightly higher launch and ball flight.

Titleist TSi 2021

As this model is designed to be the most workable driver head in the range it also features a surefit adjustable hosel and headweight adjustability options so you can dial in that ball flight in a fitting.

The TSi1 driver is almost 40 grams lighter than a standard driver. It is high launching and the most draw bias model in the line-up.

Compared to the previous TSi1 we see significant head re-shaping which has allowed the CG to be moved closer to the face increasing ball speed.

Both new drivers also share a lot of technology with the rest of the TSi driver line-up such as the ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium and improved shaping and aerodynamics.

Last year the TSi1 was a standalone product but now thanks to overwhelming demand it will also be available in fairway woods and hybrids.

The TSi1 fairway woods are 50 grams lighter than a typical set-up thanks to 10 grams of weight saving in the clubhead. Remarkably it still has the same MOI properties as the TSi2 offering. To achieve higher launch Titleist have also moved the CG back in the club head.

Titleist TSi 2021

In the TSi1 hybrids we see a more fairway wood-like shaping which helps deliver high launch and mid-spin. Again we see that lower CG as Titleist try provide a club that is easier to launch.

“Anytime you can give someone more clubhead speed, the ability for them to generate ball speed is there,” says Stephanie Luttrell, Titleist’s director of metalwood development. “What separates TSi1 from other competitive lightweight metals is that we haven’t had to make sacrifices, particularly with MOI and adjustability.”

Last but not least the new TSi2 and TSi3 hybrids feature the fastest hybrid face Titleist have ever made. The crown and face thicknesses are optimised to help lower the centre of gravity for higher launch and lower spin. This also boosts MOI.

Titleist TSi 2021

Both feature Titleist’s SureFit hosel technology. The TSi2 features the same fixed headweight adjustability as the rest of the TSi2 range. The TSi3 offers three weight positions in the toe, heel, or centre to adjust CG and fine-tune ball flight.

Titleist TSi 2021: The details

RRP: £519 (drivers); £279 (fairway woods); £245 (hybrids)
Featured shafts: Hzrdus Smoke Yellow 60/ Tensei AV White Raw 65 (TSi4 driver) Aldila Ascent (TSi1 driver & fairway) Aldila Ascent 55 Hy (TSi1 hybrid) Tensei AV White Raw 90 Hy, Hzrdus Smoke Black RDX 80 Hy, Tensei AV Ble Raw 75 Hy, Kuro Kage Black DC 5G 55 Hy (TSi2 & 3 hybrids)
More information: Titleist website

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