Titleist's Speed Project family now includes TS2 and TS3 hybrids. Equipment editor Hannah Holden puts them to the test

Titleist TS hybrids review: First impressions

Initially when looking at the clubs visually I preferred the look of the TS2. It has much more of a rounded style and more of a traditional hybrid shaping.

I already carry the TS2 driver and three wood which I love the looks and performance of so I couldn’t wait to give this a hit and see how it performed.

Titleist TS hybrids review: The technology

The Titleist Speed Project has extended to hybrids bringing, they say, more speed to all players. I’m told they provide increased distance without losing out on dispersion and keeping an ideal descent angle so you can hold shots into the greens.

The hybrids feature a new thinner, faster face. The fastest club-face Titleist has ever put in a hybrid and is 16% thinner than its predecessor.

This is designed to deliver faster ball speeds and increased forgiveness.

Titleist TS hybrids review

A refined crown and face thicknesses create a lower centre of gravity. This helps provide a higher launching shot but with lower spin.

Forgiveness is increased as the MOI of the club is up to 10% higher on average than 818 hybrids, creating a powerful combination of speed and stability.

The TS2 is for the golfer with a sweeping delivery who likes using fairway woods. It is designed for high launch, easy distance and tremendous forgiveness. It includes a SureFit Flatweight for adjustability.

Titleist TS hybrids review

In contrast the TS3 is designed for golfers with steeper delivery who prefers the look of an iron. It provides mid launch, precise distance and iron like control. It features an adjustable magnetic SureFit CG weight for ball flight customisation.

Both models feature Titleist’s SureFit hosel which has sixteen independent loft and lie settings. This means fitters can create a more consistent and optimised ball flight through the custom fitting process.

Titleist TS hybrids review: The results

As well as taking the clubs out on the course we also put them on Trackman to collect some numbers so let’s take a look at what we found.

Across both these hybrids I definitely saw an increase in ball speed and distance. When testing on Trackman I actually saw that the TS2 travelled slightly further than the TS3.

What Titleist call a 2-hybrid has 19° of loft. With this my good shots were flying over the 200-yard mark. My current 19° hybrid carries 190 so this is quite a significant jump in distance.

Titleist TS hybrids review

I found when I went out on the course the the TS3 travelled slightly further but this was mainly down to differences in strike. I found the dispersion with both was very similar and hit all my approaches on the green or the fringe which from 200 yards I was really pleased with.

Titleist TS hybrids review

A really important thing for me with hybrids is the descent angle. I use hybrids mainly to fire in to greens on long par 4s or par 5s so I want something I know will hold the green.

Both these models landed softly with the maximum run-out on the greens being just over 10 feet. It great to see that even though Titleist have added technology to increase ball speed we haven’t lost any accuracy.

Titleist TS hybrids review: NCG verdict

Initially my preference on looks was to the TS2 but I was actually really surprised with how well I hit the TS3, especially when we were out on the course.

Generally I have a high ball flight which on the course I found was more controlled with the TS3, I also found it easier to shape the ball with this club.

Titleist TS hybrids review

I have a tendency to have quite a shallow angle of attack and sweep the ball off the ground so I thought I wouldn’t hit down enough on the ball to game the TS3 but this wasn’t the case at all.

I would still say visually my preference was for the TS2, probably due to the fact I am much more comfortable hitting fairway woods and hybrids, so this shaping is something that suits my eye and gives me confidence over the ball. But I would be very happy to add either of these models into my bag.

As always, try both out and see which works for your swing.

Titleist TS hybrids review: The details

Available: August 30, 2019

SRP: £255

More information: Titleist website