The new our Soft golf ball has optimised aerodynamics to boost your tee to green performance.

Titleist Tour Soft golf ball: The technology

The Tour Soft has one of the largest core sizes in the Titleist golf ball family. This unique construction means it will create a lower ball flight than the Titleist Tour Speed golf ball even though they both have the same new dimple pattern.

This new construction improved the aerodynamics allowing golfers to gain distance off the tee.

Titleist Tour Soft golf ball

The Tour Soft features a thin 4ce grafted cover to provide reliable short game performance and control around the greens.

Titleist Tour Soft golf ball

The ball has a 346 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design which helps achieve that desired penetrating ball flight for long distance.

Titleist Tour Soft golf ball

Titleist Tour Soft golf ball: Where it sits in the range

Titleist Tour Soft golf ball

The Pro V1 offers a low trajectory, low long game spin, and soft feel.

The Pro V1x offers a high trajectory, high short game, spin and long distance.

Of the three performance golf balls the AVX offers the lowest flight, lowest spin, and a soft feel.

The Tour Speed offers soft feel, penetrating flight, and exceptional distance.

The Tour Soft gives you distance, feel, and short game control.

The Velocity gives you a high flight with extremely low long game spin.

The TruFeel offers ultra soft feel with superior distance.

Titleist Tour Soft golf ball: The details

Available: May 20

RRP: £32 per dozen

Colours: White; Optic Yellow

More information: Titleist website

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