Titleist have added the T100S to the already popular T100 line of irons. Here is everything you need to know

When a whole bunch of Titleist club fitters were asked to build T100 sets but with stronger lofts for players who prefer a more penetrating flight or want more distance, the Titleist T100S irons were born. So where do they sit in the line?

Titleist T100S irons: First impressions

I have been using the T100 irons since they were released so this new addition caught my eye. The most obvious change is the S on the back of the clubhead, but there are small differences in the topline as well as a redefined sole – so if you like the looks of T100 you’re going to enjoy this new offering.

Titleist T100S irons

Here’s what Josh Talge, Titleist’s vice-president of marketing, said:

“T100S was developed as a Player’s Distance iron with an emphasis on the word Player’s. We’ve taken the most popular irons on the PGA Tour and carefully engineered them to maximise distance.

“As we were launching the new T-Series, we met a lot of golfers who were really excited about T100 but had become accustomed to playing stronger-lofted iron sets.

“It would have been really easy to just take T100’s and bend them stronger for those players. But by doing that you start to sacrifice the incredible feel and turf interaction – the reasons why players were gravitating toward them in the first place.

“So our engineers went back and redesigned each individual iron to give these players the stronger lofts and distance they’re looking for, while preserving the performance of that pure forged shape and sole.”

Titleist T100S irons: The technology

The T100S irons are designed for tour-level precision and feel while being 2-degrees stronger than the T100 irons for longer distance as well as a thinner face for more ball speed. Tungsten weighting is used in the heel and toe to reduce the centre of gravity and increase stability.

Titleist T100S irons

The shaping is tour inspired with a thinner topline, minimal offset and enhanced camber for better turf interaction. Progressive set design is used so blade lengths, sole widths and hosel lengths are designed to provide optimal CG positioning across the set.


Available: March 12, 2020

RRP: £160 (per iron); £1,120 (set of 7)

Stock shaft: True Temper Project X LZ

More information: Titleist website

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