Titleist have upgraded their popular T-Series irons for 2021. But what's new? Hannah Holden takes a closer look

Nothing gets me more excited than new Titleist irons – and as well as the U-Series the Titleist T-Series family has had a huge upgrade for 2021.

Titleist T-Series irons 2021: First impressions

The new Titleist T-Series line-up look seriously impressive. But you knew I was going to say that. I mean, when was the last time Titleist made a bad looking iron?

Titleist T-Series

I really like the change in aesthetics the modernisation in the design which make the irons a lot sharper, sleeker, and more eye-catching.

Let’s take a closer look…

Titleist T-Series irons 2021: The line-up

Titleist describe the T100 as “the modern tour iron”. Indeed, it is their most-played model on tour. It is designed for the player who wants precise control and great feel.

Titleist T-Series

The T100S, meanwhile, is almost identical in styling and is described as “the faster tour iron”. This gives you the exact looks and feel of a tour iron with the added bonus of an extra few yards.

Titleist T-Series

If you’re after a few extra yards, the T200 is “the tour’s distance iron” in this line-up. Compared to the previous generation this has a shorter blade length, less offset a narrower toppling and thinner sole to give it more of a tour feel.

Titleist T-Series

Last but not least, Titleist are describing the T300 as “the ultimate game-improvement iron”. They provide high launch, launch distance and, most importantly, plenty of forgiveness.

Titleist T-Series

Titleist T-Series irons 2021: The technology

The T100 is a fully forged iron with dual cavity construction, it is designed to look like a blade at address with a thin top line and minimal offset. Inside the cavity we see tungsten weights in both the heel and toe which is denser than we saw in previous models to drive up MOI.

The sole has been redesigned with less bounce on the heel and more on the toe to improve turf interaction and feel. This is something Spieth was a big fan of.

There is also a new brushed chrome finish which is a favourite amongst tour players for its anti glare properties.

Titleist T-Series

Over the ball the T100S are identical in shape to the T100 model the difference comes with the fact they are 2 degrees stronger lofted.

To get the correct launch properties these have had weight removed in areas to help lower the CG to get a higher launch. They also feature a muscle channel to help drive up that ball speed.

Titleist T-Series

The T200 has a multi-material body including an engineered muscle plate which saves weight and fine tunes feel. That weight saving allows for extra tungsten, in fact this iron has the most tungsten of any Titleist iron. This allows for more precise CG placing and improved MOI from toe to heel.

Titleist T-Series

The T300 is a mid sized iron with a cavity back design. It has 40% more tungsten than we saw in it’s predecessor. This helps optimise launch and spin as well as improving MOI for more forgiveness.

Updated max impact technology maximises ball speed and launch. The polymer in this was designed with help from the golf ball R&D team.

To help players get more consistent distance control no matter where they strike it on the face Titleist have introduce variable face thickness. The face is thinner towards the heel to give more consistent ball speeds.

Titleist T-Series

Titleist T-Series irons 2021: The details

Available: August 26 (pre-order available immediately)

RRP: £164 per club (steel, T100, T100S, T200); £178 per club (graphite, T100, T100S, T200); £129 per club (steel, T300); £142 per club (graphite, T300)

Featured shafts: True Temper AMT White (steel, T100) Project X LZ (steel, T100S) True Temper AMT Black (steel, T200) True Temper AMT Red (steel, T300) MCA Tensei White AM2 (graphite, T100, T100S) MCA Tensei Blue AM2 (graphite, T200) MCA Tensei Red AM2 (graphite, T300)

Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360

More information: Titleist website

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