JW: This is just so easy. It’s my favourite from the range. Everything is simple and it really wants to roll off the face. Simply swing it back and then through again and it doesn’t want to veer offline.
TL: It doesn’t feel like you’re hitting it but it comes off really nicely – it’s quite springy, which I really like. There’s nothing worse than a dead insert and this certainly gives you some speed at impact. I like this a lot.
DM: I wouldn’t normally go for a putter that is this big and busy but I agree with the other testers – it works!

OUR TEST TEAM:  James Whitaker (pro), Ryan Rastall (pro), Danny Denison (pro), Tom Lenton (2hcp), Dan Murphy (4), Joe Whitley (7), Pete Chippindale (12)
TaylorMade Spider S putter


Sutton Coldfield golf course review Sutton Coldfield golf course review

Play Edgbaston & Sutton Coldfield in May for £160 per persom


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