You might think putter customisation is just for people to show off. You couldn't be further from the truth. Hannah Holden explains the performance benefits

A putter is the most used club in the bag, but how many of us have actually had a proper fitting to find out which one we should be using?

The reality is, most of us see a shape we like the look of in a pro shop, or in our mates bags, and end up putting something off-the-rack in play.

This becomes an issue when it doesn’t allow us to get into the correct posture. Setting up in the wrong way can lead to your eye line being out of place and your shoulders unable to rock in a pendulum motion. The result of this? Excess hand actions to compensate and some seriously inconsistent putting.

MySpider GT putter review: First impressions

Unlike many golfers I am a stickler for getting all my clubs custom fit. Generally I find this a pretty straight forward process at my local golf club or going to a brand-specific custom fitting centre. But, with putters it isn’t always that simple.

Finding a putter in the right length, that has the hosel type you like and a club head shape that suits your eye is nearly impossible. Then add in getting the right alignment features to suit you and it’s virtually impossible.

MySpider GT putter

In comes the MySpider GT process, a custom portal on the TaylorMade website where you can design a Spider GT putter to your exact specifications. Seriously, the amount of options are wild. If the Spider GT model isn’t to your liking, there are also numerous other putter models you can customise in the same way.

MySpider GT putter

MySpider GT putter review: The process

The first two options, are some of the most important in terms of putting performance. Do you have the right hosel type that matches up to the arc of your stroke? Do you have an alignment feature that lets you aim correctly?

MySpider GT putter

For me this was key, I had tested the Spider GT in a short slant neck. I really liked the feel and consistency of the putter but felt the face was opening and closing on me too much as it is has lots of toe hang and is meant for someone with a bigger arc. I opted for the single bend option which is much better for straighter strokes with less face rotation.

Alignment is so crucial to short putting, which is what makes it so difficult. A club face that is 0.5° open or closed will miss a straight putt from 15 feet without taking into account any error in stroke or green surface. From testing with a TaylorMade putter fitter it was obvious a longer sightline helps me aim the straightest so I opted for a longer than standard sightline.

For many players having a line on the ball and the club is too distracting so I love the fact we have a plain clubhead option as well as a very simple singular dot.

Now for the fun bit – colours. There is a seriously wide array of colour options here and I really like the idea you can create something which is completely unique to you. But is there a performance benefit to this?

MySpider GT putter

Contrast is actually really important for alignment. Having bright colours that contrast with the grass and the ball has been proved to help people line up better. Why do you think there are so many red putters on tour? It contrasts exceptionally well with the golf ball.

I noticed this in my testing and couldn’t resist giving it a try. You can see from the colour options available that yes, they allow you to have fun with the design, but they also emphasis that contrast element.

I also really like the fact you can customise the colour of the sightline. I use a black cross on my golf ball to help me line up, having that black line extend back onto the putter head is a great visual aid for me.

MySpider GT putter

You can also customise the colour of the face insert, at first I was going to leave this as standard, but I’m so glad I didn’t. I opted for a tour red and black option and this looks great behind the golf ball.

MySpider GT putter

I also added my initials on the sole because – well – why not?

MySpider GT putter review: NCG verdict

When this putter arrived I did zero practice but took it straight out onto the course. I played 36 holes on courses I had never played before, and I have never holed so many mid range putts in my life.

For years I have struggled to get a putter the right length for me. Typically stock options will stop at 34 inches and I have always suited something shorter than this. Previously the only solution has been to cut down the shaft, which improves my posture, but affects the overall balance and performance of the club.

MySpider GT putter review

Now I have the best of both worlds, a putter that has been custom built to the exact specs I am after to give me the best performance. I could really see how this helped me control pace and line out on the course.

The colour of the face proved a big bonus too. The red colour matches in perfectly with the top of the club, for me I find this less distracting as I can really focus on the line on the top of the club head. I also found the colour contrast was great for focus.

MySpider GT putter

Overall I have been seriously impressed with just how much the customisation process has helped my putting performance. If you’re after more consistency, a bespoke putter is really one of the best things that can help your game. The MySpider GT programme is giving you tour level customisation which is rarely available elsewhere.

Want to design your own? You can here.

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