TaylorMade M5 vs M6 driver: The results

Having had my appendix out just before Christmas, I was unable to do the hitting for this review so I drafted in my colleague Craig Middleton.

Craig plays off 12 and swings it a bit faster than me but can be quite inconsistent and strike it all over the face in the same way I can.

Both drivers look very similar in the address position but the M6 does have a noticeably deeper face which adds a bit of confidence.

TaylorMade M5 driver vs. M6 driver

The sound and feel from both models leave no question that these are premium products.

On the day we saw a remarkably better performance from the M5 with an increase in club speed, ball speed and carry distance to the M6.

TaylorMade M5 driver vs. M6 driver

TaylorMade M5 driver vs. M6 driver

The dispersion was much tighter too. We feel like this is was due to being able to dial in the M5 better and it suiting the eye a bit more at address.

So what’s our verdict on the M5 vs M6 driver debate – should either of them be going in YOUR bag? Find out on the next page…