Our TaylorMade GAPR Lo v P790 UDI test took place at Leeds Golf Centre and Rudding Park.

We’ve already done a full review of the TaylorMade GAPR clubs but wanted to put the Lo, Mid and Hi up against the current clubs in my bag to see if they could help me hit my numbers more consistently.

TaylorMade GAPR Lo vs. P790 UDI – The methodology

TaylorMade GAPR Lo v P790 UDI

The TaylorMade P790 UDI 2-iron has been working well for me out on the course.

It has been especially good through this warm and dry summer with the ball getting plenty of run.

But according to TaylorMade the GAPR Lo should be a little bit more forgiving and versatile.

TaylorMade GAPR Lo v P790 UDI

But they are essentially trying to offer the same thing – a low and penetrating ball flight.

The two clubs I tested both have 17˚ of loft and a similar graphite shaft.

As well as getting launch monitor data, I also took both out on to the course to play nine holes hitting both of every tee to see which worked the best in real life.

TaylorMade GAPR Lo v P790 UDI – The technology

There’s similar technology here as both have a hollow construction then filled with TaylorMade’s ‘speedfoam’ technology to improve the sound and feel.

TaylorMade GAPR Lo v P790 UDI

The GAPR actually has an adjustable loft sleeve so can be fine tuned a bit further than the P790 UDI.

In the address position, the GAPR just seems to have a bit more beef behind the face so gives the appearance of being more forgiving.

But the TaylorMade just looks a bit sleeker and more like an iron.

The GAPR looks like something between a hybrid and an iron. It’s a bit of a weird, black, hitting thing.

So that’s the lowdown on the TaylorMade GAPR Lo and P790 – but how did they perform. Find out the results and read NCG’s verdict on the next page…