Golf clubs built to illegal specifications? That can’t be right. Along with two NCG readers, we went for a TaylorMade driver fitting to find out more.

The 2019 M5 and M6 drivers feature Speed Injected Twist Face and have been designed with a clubface which is thinner and more flexible than ever before.

The face is so thin it is initially built over the legal limit for spring effect. Each individual clubhead then goes through a fine-tuning process, which involves resin being injected into the clubface to reduce the spring effect and bring the flexing back to a legal level.

TaylorMade Driver Fitting

TaylorMade use a proprietary algorithm to tune each head to receive the correct volume of resin for the driver to be under the legal speed limit.

This process ensures each driver provides maximum speed whilst being inside conforming levels.

“Utilising a new manufacturing process, each head has been individually speed tested on multiple locations before being strategically injected with a tuning resin to achieve the tightest tolerance possible.” Brian Bazzell, TaylorMade’s vice-president of product creation, explained.

TaylorMade Driver Fitting

The idea behind this manufacturing process is that it is easier to make the driver face over the legal limit and then bring it back to conforming, than to try build each one consistently to conforming level.

Previously, using traditional driver manufacturing processes, clubfaces could only be made faster not slower. This made it more difficult to get the club as close to conforming without going over the legal limit and having to scrap that driver head.

Every M5 and M6 driver head is inspected, measured, and tuned for maximum speed and to ensure conformity – a process truly unmatched in the golf industry.

Current drivers on the market have a level of variation from one to the next. TaylorMade’s new engineering and development processes deliver a level of precision that ensures every golfer gets a hot and fast driver head.

So how did our readers get on with their TaylorMade driver fitting? Head to the next page to find out…

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