Ben Outhwaite's got his hands on some new season apparel. This time round, he's assessing the on-course performance of one of his old favourites...

Ah, another padded golf gilet. Keep them coming, I say. A strong favourite in my locker, as you will know. Let’s take a closer look at Sunderland’s effort, the Anton…

Sunderland Anton gilet review: NCG summary

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A technology-packed padded golf gilet that is a genuine box-ticker: it’s got the comfort, style and flair to help up both your apparel and golf game simultaneously.

If you don’t own the Sunderland Anton gilet for this golf season, you really are missing out on some serious gains!


  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Loads of colours to choose from
  • Breathable, with a solid range of movement
  • Surprisingly lightweight


  • While the price is fully justifiable, it’s still a lot of money for a piece of apparel

Sunderland Anton gilet

Now: £90

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Sunderland Anton gilet review: First impressions

We were in a different year the last time I got my hands on a new golf gilet. That’s too long. I might have started my 2023 golf season even earlier if I got this sooner…

The usual gloomy weather in April is the perfect time to slip into an outerwear garment, so when I opened the box for this it almost seemed like the moment was destined to happen – metaphorically hibernating over winter (a bit like my golf).

The Anton padded gilet bears a striking design with quilt-padded panels that feature an insulating soft filling able to retain heat whilst being breathable at the same time.

There are also quirky little zipped chest and side pockets for sticking your tees in, so no more faffing about juggling that pencil and pitchmark repairer in your trouser pocket when all you want to do is just tee that ball up.

Sunderland Anton gilet review: On the course

The one issue people say they have with golf gilets – especially for us apparel freaks – is that they can look a bit baggy and get in the way of your swing. You don’t get this with the Anton, which is a huge plus. It fits on my torso like a lock and key- no doubt due to its stretchy ripstop fabrics with padded quilting.

Now in my early 20s, I do still like wearing clothes that fit tight. It’s just wasted material otherwise, so I want to make the most of every last little bit of Sunderland’s signature NEVERWEATHERBEATEN wind and showerproofing protection.

Sunderland claim the gilet is ‘ultra-lightweight’, and rightly so. They’ve packed in so much here, and it’s almost surreal how seamless the weighting of the top is. You won’t even notice it when you’re playing.

Sunderland Anton gilet review: The 19th hole

It ticks all the boxes for versatility. The Anton already has a rightful spot on the coat hangers next to my front door…

Don’t underestimate the resilience of gilets, though. I wore this on a dull and rainy day at the beginning of April, but I’d be comfortable bringing this out on dry days later on in the year as well.

Sunderland Anton gilet review: The details

Fit: True to size
Comfort: 10/10
Value for Money: 8/10
Sizes: S-XXL (UK)
Colour options: Black, Navy, Aqua, Orange

Sunderland Anton gilet

Now: £90

Check out the best deals on the Sunderland Anton gilet

Available: Now
RRP: £90
More info: Glenmuir website

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