It's a long sleeve polo with a surprising twist. But what's the deal with this top from Stuburt? Ben Outhwaite dons the Sport Tech long sleeve polo shirt in his latest review

Stuburt is a British brand with years of experience in the apparel sector. So how well does their latest Autumn Winter apparel range protect you from the elements on the golf course? I got my hands on the Stuburt Sport Tech long-sleeve polo shirt to find out…

Stuburt Sport Tech long sleeve polo shirt review: NCG Summary

Stuburt Sport Tech long sleeve polo shirt review
Stuburt Sport Tech long sleeve polo shirt review

The Stuburt Sport Tech long-sleeve polo is a warm, autumn-ready thermal golf top that is extremely versatile, making it ideal for use in colder months and even off the course.


  • Versatile and high levels of comfort
  • Seamless freedom of movement
  • Plenty of colour schemes available


  • Material might be a put off for some

Stuburt Sport Tech long sleeve polo shirt review: First impressions

When you pick up a polo shirt, you expect it to be in the summer months. But a long-sleeve option like this one, is actually perfect for layering as we move into autumn.

Being greeted by the soft velvety material was a surprise to me, as I am used to much plainer cotton shirts. The polo material feels almost a little unfamiliar to the touch, for this reason I felt a little conflicted, but eager to try it out once and for all.

Perhaps given this is a winter piece I would have expected to be met by a thicker material. But upon further testing, it was clear that despite being thinner it offered some serious thermal protection.

Stuburt Sport Tech long sleeve polo shirt review

You won’t be short on choice with colours with this top either. It’s available in a ton of different shades, everything from black to blue to white. I was lucky enough to get hold of the midnight version, which is a nice blend of that middle ground in between denim blue and black. So far, we’re looking good.

Stuburt Sport Tech long sleeve polo shirt review: On The Course

When it comes to fit, I’m a bit OCD about sizes. If it says it’s small but doesn’t fit me, then I won’t be overly impressed. Stuburt has really hit the nail on the head here with their sizes on offer. The polo fits nicely whilst still offering me room for movement. It really is the perfect equation for me.

I also thought the rib detailing around the cuff of the wrist was great for keeping excess fabric out of the way when you are swinging.

It was tipped to be the last best day of the year when I tested the polo shirt, and it did turn out to be pretty decent actually. There was no rain, but it wasn’t overly warm either. That’s where the top’s thermal protection came in handy. For the majority of my round, I felt comfortable wearing the shirt by itself with no mid-layer, that’s how well it protected me from the cold. The long sleeves are a bonus as my arms tend to get cold quickly when the sun is hidden away behind the clouds.

Stuburt Sport Tech long sleeve polo shirt review

My favourite part about the polo shirt is its high level of comfort. This is one of the most comfortable, if not the most comfortable, polo shirts I’ve ever worn when playing golf. So much so that I actually found myself wanting to wear it for work in the days afterwards. The comfort paired with its versatility is a match made in heaven for golfers who also like wearing their apparel off the course in their own time.

I’m being pedantic when I say the only downside to the shirt is its material might not be to everyone’s taste upon first inspection. At first, I was a bit reluctant about it, but the looks are quite deceiving here. I’m speaking for myself here, so no doubt others will have a different view on that front.

Stuburt Sport Tech long sleeve polo shirt review: The 19th hole

The Stuburt Sport Tech long-sleeve polo shirt ticks every box for me. It’s sleek; stylish appearance means it looks great on the course, and I know I can wear it away from golf, too, especially during the colder months. I’d be keen to try it out in winter with a base layer beneath it to put it through its paces when the cold starts to bite.

Again, the controversy behind its material could be the deciding factor if you’re seeking maximum comfort. But rest assured, if that doesn’t suit you then I promise you it’ll make up for it in other areas.

Overall, when you look at the price point, this is a great value-for-money option to keep you warm this winter.

Fit: True to Size/Small/Large
Comfort: 9.5/10
Value for Money: 8/10
Sizes: UK S-XXL
Colour options: Black / Chamray / French Navy / Midnight or Slate Grey

Stuburt Sport Tech long sleeve polo shirt review: The Details

Available: Now
RRP: £25
More info: Stuburt website


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