We tested and reviewed the Stewart X9 Follow trolley at Moor Allerton in Leeds. Conditions were dry, fairways were dry and firm. It’s a hilly golf course so a good test for any trolley.

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First impressions of the Stewart X9 Follow trolley

I’d had previous experience of remote control trolleys and I wouldn’t say they were all positive so I was a little daunted about using this trolley.

After taking it out of the box I was impressed at how easy it was to assemble and fire up for action.

I had expected the set-up process to be quite fiddly but it really couldn’t have been easy.

It was a case of charging up the battery and the remote and turning them both on.

Stewart X9 Follow

I got to grips with the controls in the office which probably wasn’t the best idea.

Especially with no bag of golf club attached, the Stewart X9 Follow is very quick off the mark and if you’re not careful it will be clattering into office tables and chairs…

The Stewart X9 follow folds up easily into a fairly small size so it fits easily in your boot or on the back seat. It is quite heavy though.

The technology on the Stewart X9 Follow trolley

The handset connects to the trolley via Bluetooth at the touch of a button.

Simply use the controls forward, left, right or stop in manual mode or press the follow button and, with the remote clipped on to your back pocket, the trolley will follow you along the fairway.

There’s integrated downhill breaking which is a bonus on a hill golf course to stop the trolley from running away from you.

Stewart X9 Follow

The Stewart X9 Follow comes with a two-year warranty, has scorecard, ball and tee holders and anti-rotation bag straps.

How does the Stewart X9 Follow trolley perform?

Despite being quite daunted by using this trolley, I actually found it remarkably easy to control and navigate around the golf course.

The controls are extremely responsive and you can always perform an emergency stop!

Once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s really good fun to use.

Stewart X9 Follow

I actually preferred it in the manual mode where I could see the trolley at all times.

The follow mode was pretty cool but I did find myself constantly checking over my shoulder when strolling up the fairway.

Stewart X9 Follow

It has two speed, one just to get you going and then the second as you get into full stride. It was a little slow going up a few hills.

Overall verdict on the Stewart X9 Follow trolley

Stewart make all of their products at their Gloucestershire HQ so it’s nice to see a British manufacturer going strong.

The X9 Follow feels extremely well made and from using it on a hilly course I can vouch for how robust it is.

It’s fun, easy to use and looks the business. You’d certainly be the talk of your fourball if you rocked up with one of these.

The cost of £1,499 may put a few people off but this is a serious bit of kit that is built to last. It’s weight might be an issue for some people too but it folds up nice and small.

Stewart X9 Follow

But if you can afford it, play on a fairly flat and open course then this trolley will add enjoyment to every round.


SRP: £1,499

Visit the Stewart Golf website HERE