How does the Srixon Z Star golf ball perform? Hannah Screen brings you her verdict

Srixon is a brand that has been around for over 20 years. More recently they have been known for their extensive line of golf balls with variety to suit any golfer. I tested out the Srixon Z Star to see how it performed and find out if it could be right for your game.

Srixon Z Star golf ball review
Srixon Z Star golf ball review

The Srixon Z Star is a great affordable golf ball that maintains performance in every department. With spin and control around the greens as well as a low spin and mid-flight with a driver, this ball is an all-rounder.


  • Greenside spin and control
  • Low, powerful flight off the tee
  • Affordable price


  • Low flight players may find it difficult to launch higher

Srixon Z Star golf ball review: First Impressions

The Srixon Z Star golf ball is fairly plain when it comes to design. The ball comes with a simple arrow alignment surrounding the ball for putting alignment found on most balls these days, as well as a yellow colourway option.

Srixon Z Star golf ball review

Srixon Z Star golf ball review: NGC Verdict

The Srixon Z star is designed to give lots of spin to golfers who don’t necessarily swing it very fast or compress the ball much. It is one of Srixons softest golf balls and much like any soft golf ball I am testing I always want to see how it affects my distance.

I hit multiple 7 irons and wedges on Trackman to determine specific carry distances as well as look at the spin rates. I found that the Srixon Z Star golf ball did decrease my carry distance with a 7-iron by almost 10 yards. But surprisingly the rollout was up to 10 yards which I was confused by for such a soft-spinning golf ball you would think there would be little to no rollout. There was no distance lost with my 54-degree wedge.

Srixon Z Star golf ball review

I was naturally expecting the spin rate to go up when using a softer golf ball but was surprised by the low amount of spin with a full 7 iron shot.

I took the Srixon Z Star to the chipping green to see if I had more luck with spin over there. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of grip and soft feel I had around the green. I could really throw high shots with a 60-degree at the flag and they stopped quickly.

As mentioned previously this ball feels soft. I never had that plastic, hard spring off the face which I dislike when chipping or putting especially. Every shot felt smooth and flew well off the face quite effortlessly.

The Srixon Z Star retails for £34.99 which is reasonably priced for a mid range ball that offers good performance and durability.

If short-game control and spin is one of your performance goals the Srixon Z Star could be the right ball for you. With a soft feel and grab especially around the greens it could help that golfer who struggle to compress the ball and stop it quickly.

Srixon Z Star golf ball review: The Details

Available: Now

RRP: £34.99

More information: Srixon Website

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Hannah Screen

Hannah Screen has recently turned professional after a successful amateur career, she has represented England at junior and ladies' levels and played golf for the University of Oklahoma. She recently graduated with a degree in journalism and is currently splitting her time playing tournament golf, and testing golf equipment, mainly golf balls.

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