Some golfers will undoubtedly have a preference either way in the spiked vs. spikeless golf shoes debate – but are there any tangible performance benefits from either?

I get to try out a lot of golf shoes. I practically live in a pair of spikeless golf shoes as like to nip out to the driving range most lunchtimes or even get a cheeky few holes in.

Spiked vs spikeless golf shoes

When it comes to convenience, there’s no debate. It’s fantastic to be able to wear a pair of golf shoes comfortable enough to wear as trainers that you can drive in too. And wear in the clubhouse etc…

But when I’m playing ‘properly’ I do prefer to wear a pair of spiked golf shoes.

I feel like a good pair of spiked shoes keeps me nicely rooted to the ground.

To me – this may sound bonkers – changing your shoes before playing golf helps put you in a better frame of mind.

Spiked vs spikeless golf shoes

You’re putting on some golf-specific shoes, preparing yourself for the round ahead and getting tuned-in mentally as you tie up your laces.

It also allows you to make use of the locker rooms rather than going from the car to the first tee.

Anyway, regardless of what your bizarre personal preferences are, let’s take a look at the technology to see how they differ from each other and why one may suit you more than the other.

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