Equipment editor Hannah Holden has the lowdown on the latest range from Titleist's putter guru

I headed down to Leeds Golf Centre to meet up with Nick Sharples from Titleist for a custom fitting and to learn everything about the new Scotty Cameron Phantom X putters.

Scotty Cameron Phantom X putters: First impressions

The new line from Scotty Cameron includes nine new mallets with five distinctive head styles. The new Phantom X family replaces the previous Futura family of putters from Scotty Cameron. The line is about providing a mallet for each type of player acknowledging that not each style will suit everyone.

Phantom X putters

Scotty Cameron Phantom X putters: The technology

One of the key things about this range is that all of the putters in this family are designed to have high MOI.

MOI stands for ‘moment of inertia’, this is basically a measurement of how much the putter twists when you hit a putt with an off-centre strike.

The higher the MOI the less the putter twists if struck off-centre, effectively increasing the size of the sweet spot and allowing the ball to set off online more consistently.

We are seeing more and more high MOI putters being put in play on tour showing their growing popularity. Each of the new Phantom X putters feature advanced stability weighting with two customisable stainless steel heel-toe weights.

Phantom X putters

Across this family there are multiple shaft bend options so you can really find the putter which is most suitable for your stroke.

The three shaft options are low-bend, mid-bend and straight, this allows each golfer to decide how much toe flow they want from the putter.

The correct putting stroke moves on an arc, this means the toe of the putter must rotate from square to open in the backswing then back to square in the downswing so the face remains square to the arc of the putter.

Essentially the more arc you have in your stroke the more toe flow you need to square the putter face up at impact.

Phantom X Putters

The shorter low-bend shaft provides the most toe flow this shaft is found in all models with a .5 in the name such as the 5.5. The Phantom 5, 6, 7, 8 and 12 models feature the mid-bend shaft which offers a near face-balance option with minimal toe flow. Finally the Phantom X 6STR has a straight shaft providing the least toe flow.

The new head designs feature multi-material heads. The main feature of this being the solid face technology. This is the 6061 aircraft aluminium face which extends back and through the flange area of each putter.

The technology retains the soft feel off the face Scotty’s are know for whilst, creating a really solid strike and great feedback off the face. Steel components are combined with the aluminium to create optimal shape and weight distribution.

Scotty Cameron Phantom X putters

Improving players ability to align the putter was a big factor that influenced the design of this range.

A variety of tour-inspired alignment options have been used across the line including continuous lines from the leading edge to the back of the putter and simple sight dots. The alignment aids are highlighted in neon yellow paint to help frame the golf ball at address.

A new custom grip has been designed especially for this new Phantom X line of putters. The new Pistolero Plus grip comes in cement grey which is thicker and less tapered than a traditional putter grip.

Scotty Cameron Phantom X putters: NCG verdict

This range is really unique in shape and style, the putters feel really modern and have a great overall aesthetic. The new line definitely feel like they have been inspired by cars and racing, the styling looks aerodynamic, fast and exciting.

My favourite thing about this range is the solid face technology especially how it is used in the 12, 8 and 7 model as I love the fact the aluminium is the same thickness from the front to the back of the putter. It also created a really solid strike off the face but still provided soft touch across all styles.

I really like the alignment aids used across this range especially the continuous lines from the leading edge to the back of the putter, they really help frame the ball. I found I lined up the ball exceptionally well with this feature which is definitely key to improving your confidence over the ball.

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12 was the putter I leant towards most in this range, I like the larger, heavier feel to the putter it felt the most stable through the stroke which helped me with consistency especially on longer putts.

More information can be found on the Scotty Cameron website

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