Nothing says new year like Rickie Fowler sticking two fingers up to the dress-code police before reverting to type with some more major talk

We know we’re in for a wardrobe treat come Kapalua whenever Rickie Fowler wins on the PGA Tour. Two years ago he went with the Magnum (Tom Selleck, not the ice cream) lookalike look, this year he’s managed to pull off a combination of things.

First up on Tuesday there was an outstanding reversible bucket hat that screamed the usual Stone Roses* or any type of easy indie music generalisations before the piece de resistance on Wednesday.

Then out came the get-up that will have had those who aren’t keen on an ankle sock spluttering into their brandy. Coming just one day into a new decade, where hopes are high that dress codes will be laid, to rest Fowler played the pro-am in this pineapple-inspired pyjama combo and, Fowler being Fowler, he pulled it off comfortably.

The Islands Shirt is part of Puma’s latest collection, Island Time.

But, whatever combination of get-up that he had to offer, the questions in his press conference, where he reverted back to the bucket hat, were the same ones that have followed him around for most of the last decade.

It might be the first week of January but let’s get this out of the way; what are your goals for the coming year which, in golfing terms, means how much do you want us to stop asking about when you might win a major? Expect the likes of Tommy Fleetwood and Jon Rahm to be doing likewise in the coming weeks.

“Multiple wins, knock off a major. Those would be the primary. Do that, I feel like a lot of other things will fall into place, and that would obviously help me move up the world rankings and have a chance for the Olympics, get points to be there for the Ryder Cup.”

So, just to be clear, multiple wins or a major?

“Oh, yeah, I’d take the major.”

Can we keep talking about this?

“If, say, the next 10 years of my career it was one win a year, being a major every year or if it was multiple wins, I may take the multiple wins over the 10-year period and then take the chance that one of those and some of those in there would be a major. Majors are great but I think the more times you go out and win, the better chance you’re going to have at one of those multiple-win seasons being majors along the way.

“I’m not saying I don’t focus on majors any more than the others but, like I said, playing consistently, being in contention and winning multiple tournaments I think will ultimately help me to get over that hump and get a major.”

Imagine how exhausting it must be to try and put a different spin on something week after week, year after year.

In brighter news, Fowler has played a couple of corporate days at Winged Foot, home to this year’s US Open, and Sandwich holds some fond memories.

“St. George’s is one of the best rounds in Open golf I’ve played on the Saturday there (Fowler shot a joint best-of-the-day 68 with Dustin Johnson). Augusta is always a great place. I mean, I’ve played well there. I like where I’ve put myself in the past, but it would be nice to get one. It’s hard to pick a favourite. I’d like to get one knocked out of the way quickly with a Green Jacket and then go to the rest with a major in the back pocket.”

The bookies have Fowler down as a best-priced 22-1 shot for Augusta and 28s for St George’s.