All hail the game’s supreme fashionista. From Hi-Tops to the flat-bill hat and, er, everything in between, Rickie Fowler is happy to give pretty much anything a go. Which is all helped of course by his film-star looks, winning smile and the fact that he is a top-10 player in the world.

In any sport Fowler is the epitome of cool – he grew up racing motocross – but, for a sport like golf, he is off-the-scale cool.

“There are maybe some (outfits) that I may not have liked the colour combos or anything within reasonable boundaries that I wasn’t afraid of going out and doing something different. I’ve always been different. I don’t want to go straight down the middle of the fairway. I like to skirt into the rough a little bit but at the same time obviously still be respectable.”

1. Aloha, Rickie

Rickie Fowler

Fowler kicks off his 2018 campaign in some style down at Kapalua, with a nod to the Hawaiian islanders and detective heartthrob Tom Selleck (or just anyone who likes a garish shirt).

2. Knickerbocker glory

Rickie Fowler

Fowler paid tribute to another style icon Payne Stewart at the 2014 US Open at Pinehurst No 2, scene of Stewart’s victory 15 years earlier. And the knickerbocker look didn’t put Fowler off his game as he tied for second behind Martin Kaymer.

“Payne was one of my all-time favourite players. I never had a chance of meeting him, but obviously loved watching him play and loved how he handled himself on and off the golf course. It’s cool to be in the position I’m in to wear some attire like he used to wear, to give tribute to him.”

3. The future’s orange

Rickie Fowler

So what’s the all-orange look all about? It all dates back to his Oklahoma State days and, while the full orange ensemble now seems to be a thing of the past, Fowler will wear something orange back for Tourney Sunday.

“I started doing that while I was in school. Obviously not many guys wear orange, so it was a way to be my own man out there. A few of my [Oklahoma State] team-mates wore the same colours, so at the time it was a bit of a bonding thing. But nobody really does it on tour. I like to think of it as my own little personal style.”

4. Check mate

Rickie Fowler

Fowler generally saves something up for Augusta and there was a variation on the orange theme three years ago when he went for the checked trouser look.

5. Did you not get the email?

Rickie Fowler

You probably wouldn’t have thought it but, once a decade with Rickie, there will be a Puma clash. And this one was an absolute pearler. Can you imagine the look on the 1st tee when they shook hands..

6. Shoe beauty

Rickie Fowler

This was stylish in every sense. At last year’s Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill Fowler wore these commemorative Puma Hi-Tops in honour of The King.

There were just two pairs made. Fowler wore one and the others were put up for auction for Arnie’s foundation. The final bid came in at $25,300.

7. Proof positive

Rickie Fowler

Even the waterproofs offer something a little different from the standard blues and blacks. You might expect this get-up more from a leading light from Japan but, as ever, Fowler carries it off.

8-Tat’s amazing

Rickie Fowler

After playing in the 2016 Olympics Fowler accessorised by getting inked up to celebrate his inclusion in the Games. He already has some in honour of his grandfather, now he has the five rings on his forearm.

Let’s hope he makes the 2020 team…

9. Hat’s amazing

Rickie Fowler

At Fowler’s first Masters he got a ticking off for wearing his hat backwards in the media centre and an Augusta member had to turn it round for him. It was an honest mistake and Fowler apologised for it.

A few years ago his hats began to expand and he went for the flat-bill look for a time which, needless to say, caught on with his huge fan base.

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