Our Powakaddy FW7s GPS review has been conducted over rounds at The Belfry and Hillsborough over the past couple of months.

We first heard about this model at the PGA Show in January 2017 but it wasn’t until this summer that we were able to see it in the flesh.

This is the first time I had seen a fully-integrated GPS system in the handle of a trolley so was really keen to see how it worked.

Powakaddy FW7s GPS review – First impressions

Powakaddy FW7s GPS review

This trolley is essentially an upgrade to the FW7s – Powakaddy’s all-singing, all-dancing model – with the biggest screen and cool features such as a calorie counter.

But now the screen has built-in GPS with 35,000 pre-loaded courses.

It has all the features you’d expect from a decent GPS watch with automatic hole advancing, shot-distance measuring and a built-in scorecard.

Putting the GPS to one side, this is a really stylish trolley that assembles and folds away very smoothly, quickly and easily.

The gun metal finish looks awesome and the design of the wheels really makes this trolley stand out.

Powakaddy FW7s GPS review

We’ve got the plug n’ play battery system which is another bonus but just make sure you switch it off before putting the trolley in your car!

Powakaddy FW7s GPS review

I was already a fan of the FW7s after testing it out at Hillsborough earlier this year so was mainly interested to see how well the GPS had been integrated and how quick and easy it was to use.

Powakaddy FW7s GPS review – The technology

So at 3.5in this is the largest screen you’ll find on an electric trolley.

And with a 230w motor this is about as powerful a trolley as you will get as well.

There’s an auto-distance function which allows you to send the trolley away for up to 50 yards – ideal when heading to the green and sending your trolley to the next tee.

Other neat features within the screen include round-timer, distance travelled, calorie counter and battery life indicator.

Powakaddy FW7s GPS review

Powakaddy FW7s GPS review – The results

As previously stated, this trolley is no hassle at all when it comes to getting started. Very easy to assemble, pop the battery in and you’re good to go.

Powakaddy FW7s GPS review

The sample we tested came with its own carry case which is a fantastic accessory. It makes transportation easy as you can slot it on the back set of your car without getting mud everywhere.

Powakaddy FW7s GPS review

Right, now for the important bit.

It’s very easy to tell the trolley you are ready to play golf and it instantly starts searching for your location.

Powakaddy FW7s GPS review

So it was a good start. I was all set up and ready to play within a minute or so of getting the trolley to the course.

The display is clear and fairly simple with the front, middle, back yardages. It’s also possible to get distance to hazards with a touch of a button.

Powakaddy FW7s GPS review

The scorecard feature is a great idea as you can input your handicap then just put the gross score in for each hole.

Powakaddy FW7s GPS review

In bright sunshine, the glare on the screen does make it quite hard to see clearly but that’s not really going to be a problem for all-year round golf in the UK.

The yardages are accurate, the software works quickly and it’s very easy to navigate through the menus and features.

Powakaddy FW7s GPS review – NCG verdict

Any concerns I may have had about the functionality of this GPS trolley were soon quashed as soon I got it out on to the golf course.

The technology within the handset works really well – it’s fast and user-friendly.

Powakaddy FW7s GPS review

This trolley is going to suit an avid golfer who loves a bit of tech, wants yardages but doesn’t want to wear a watch.

At nearly £800 this does represent a significant investment. You’re basically paying for a top of the range electric trolley and then the price of a GPS watch on top.

If you can afford it, this is a really cool piece of kit and I don’t think you’ll be quibbling over the cost once you get it out on the course.


SRP: From £749.99 (18-hole lithium)

More information can be found on the Powakaddy website.