The Powakaddy Freeway trolleys are among the most popular around and each have been enhanced with new features for the 2017 season.

New for this year are the FW3i and FW5i while the FW7s – Powakaddy’s premium model – has even more bells and whistles than before.

The Powakaddy Freeway range epitomises everything that is good in an electric trolley.

They are incredibly easy to assemble, look fantastic, are very user-friendly and boast one of the thinnest and best lithium batteries around.

If you’re after an entry-level model then the FW3i will set you on your way, you’ll get a bit more tech in the FW5i and the FW7s is the all-singing, all-dancing model.

So what is new in the 2017 Powakaddy Freeway range?

The FW3i has a brand new digital screen with power gauge and battery fuel indicator.

Powakaddy freeway fw3iPowered by a whisper-quiet 200W motor, the FW3i has an easy-to-use soft T-bar grip with a straightforward On/Off button.

There’s a Power, Pause and Resume function that is displayed on the new digital screen.

Powakaddy Freeway FW3i handle


The Powakaddy FW5i comes with an all new full colour widescreen display, digital power gauge, battery fuel indicator and an integrated USB charging port.

It incorporates an Automatic Distance Function (ADF) feature that allows the trolley to be sent distances of 15, 30 and 45 yards.

Powakaddy Freeway fw5i

Powakaddy Freeway fw5i handle

Then flagship model in the Poawkaddy Freeway range is undoubtedly the FW7s.

There’s a new frame colour, soft touch handle trims, stylish graphics and front wheel with yellow trims.

Freeway The FW7s is packed with technology and features a full colour 3.5” widescreen display, built-in calorie counter, distance measurement function and powerful 230W motor.

Boasting a three-year warranty, the FW7s also offers an optional Electronic Braking System (EBS) model with three levels of progressive braking when going downhill.

Freeway FW7s handle

What’s clear from the new Powakaddy Freeway range is that there’s a trolley to suit your needs and budget.

All these models feature the Plug n’ Play battery system which means you simply slot the battery in with no connecting wires.

The trolleys can also be folded down with the battery still in place thanks to a groove in the battery which lets the frame slide into it.

Just remember to switch the battery off before folding the trolley away.

Powakaddy Freeway range 2017 pricing details


£499.99 18-hole lithium / £549.99 36-hole lithium


£549.99 18-hole lithium / £599.99 36-hole lithium


£639.99 18-hole lithium / £699.99 36-hole lithium


£699.99 18-hole lithium / £749.99 36-hole lithium

For more information visit the Powakaddy website