Our Powakaddy C2i review took place on the course at Moor Allerton and Rudding Park.

Powakaddy C2i review: First impressions

The C2i follows on from the hugely successful C2 which was launched last year.

Powakaddy Compact C2i


It was one of the best trolleys we have ever tested and has been the best-selling electric trolley over the past year.

So what has changed with the C2i?

Being honest, not huge amount but there is a new larger screen which adds to the premium feel and better display’s some of the trolleys functions and features.

This is the only compact trolley in Powakaddy’s line-up which also includes the four Freeway trolleys – FW3s, Fw5s, Fw7s, FW7s GPS.

Powakaddy Freeway range 2017

A good way to think about the C2i is as a smaller version of their FW5s.

Powakaddy C2i review: The technology

The new 2.8in full colour widescreen display has a battery life indicator which is very handy as it reminds you to stick it on charge after playing.

Powakaddy C2i review

I’m often just nipping out for a few holes here and there so wouldn’t automatically stick it on charge after every use.

The folding mechanism has two stages – folding the front wheel underneath, then folding down the main frame.

It takes around eight seconds.

Other features of the C2i include automatic distance control, a USB charging point and a powerful 230w motor.

Many trolleys only have a 200w motor so the C2i does seem to have a bit more pace than some.

When folded down I do think this is the smallest compact trolley on the market.

The really sleek Plug n’ Play battery can be left in place when folded down but you must remember to switch it off first.

Powakaddy C2i review

So that’s the lowdown on the Powakaddy C2i – but how did it perform? Find out on the next page…