NCG TESTS: Ping Tour-S wedge

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NCG's team of experts review all the latest kit independently. Find out what they thought of the Ping Tour-S wedge...


“The weight is good, it looks great and the feel is superb – especially for a cast club. Thanks to the forgiveness levels, it will work for a lot of people, too.” JaW
“Like a lot of Ping clubs, not everyone will fall for this immediately. But the more you use it, the more you see how good it is and build trust in the performance. Hard to find fault with this beyond the lack of loft options in the Rustique finish.” DM
“This came off the face better than any club on test for me. The feel was stunning and I liked how it wasn’t impossible to hit.” GT
“Excellent. The shape is superb, the feel is as good as almost any wedge out there and the sole is really versatile. You really can open the face without thinking you’re going to blade it.” JoW


TESTED: August 2011
TESTERS: James Whitaker (pro), Dan Murphy (3hcp), Geoff Towers (8hcp), Joe Whitley (9hcp)
SRP: £100 LH? Yes
LOFTS: 47, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60 & 64˚
STANDARD SHAFT: True Temper Dynamic Gold
t: 01427 615 405

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