Ping have released 11 models in their 2021 range. So which one is right for your game? Hannah Holden takes a closer look

After a new putter now we’re finally back out on the golf course? Ping have released a seriously impressive line-up for the 2021 season including eleven models with a focus on maximum forgiveness from their high MOI design.

Ping putters 2021: The technology

The whole new range is based around multi-material designs to help drive up that MOI. In fact this series is built using aerospace-grade materials and I really like the fact there is a wide variety of shapes and sizes on offer.

The three Anser versions combine a stainless-steel head with tungsten heel and toe weights to boost that MOI. This makes them the most forgiving Answer putters to date.

Ping putters 2021

In the Kushin 4, DS 72 and Tyne 4 we see steel weights in the heel and tungsten on the toe this moves the CG for optimal performance.

The Fetch and Oslo H have a aluminum sole plate and a cast 304 stainless steel body. This means most of the mass is on the perimeter of the putter which increases the MOI to make these mallets super forgiving.

The brand new CA 70 has a dense stainless steel sole weight which lowers the CG further for even more forgiving results. But it is the Harwood which is the most forgiving in the range thanks to its 6061 aluminum body and 93g tungsten weights in all four corners of the club head.

ping putters 2021

Each model features a soft, responsive face thanks to the Pebax insert material which also features uniform shallow grooves.

The face is made up of two layers. The firmer back layer offers solid feedback and distance control for longer-range putts. In contrast the front layer is softer for precision on those short must make putts.

Ping putters 2021

They are designed for golfers who prefer a putter on the softer side of the feel spectrum but with the response of a firm face

The whole range has a dark, stealth PVD finish on the heads and a black chrome shaft to create a sleek look.

Ping putters 2021: The line-up

“Eleven options ensure a putter to fit every golfer’s eye and stroke type,” Solheim added. “The line-up features new designs created through our Tour-focused PLD (Putting Lab Design) program, including versions inspired by PING professionals Viktor Hovland (DS 72) and Cameron Champ (Tyne 4). From blades to mallets and for straight, slight arc and strong-arc stroke types, it’s a complete line engineered to lower scores and increase enjoyment.” – John K. Solheim, Ping President. 

The timeless Anser is heel-toe tungsten weighted for forgiveness. This is best for players with a slight-arc to the stroke as it helps square the club face up to the target.

ping putters 2021

The Anser 2 has a slightly longer and narrower shape to the Anser and sharper corners. Again we see heel-toe tungsten weighting which adds stability increasing forgiveness and accuracy.

ping putters 2021

Again the Anser 4 is for players who love that classic look but this has more toe hang for those of you with a strong-arcing stroke.

ping putters 2021

A steel weight in the heel and tungsten in the toe elevate the MOI of the Kushin 4. The deep blade shaping makes alignment easier thanks to strong parallel and perpendicular lines. It works best for strong-arc players.

ping putters 2021

The DS 72 is a mid-mallet with a steel weight in the heel and tungsten in the toe for high levels of forgiveness.  It has a classic Anser-style hosel promoting a slight face rotation making it best for players with a small arc stroke.  

The single solid white sight line really stand out on the CA 70. This works best with a slight-arc or straight stroke. An aluminum body and stainless steel sole plate position moves the centre of gravity low and back for high levels of forgiveness.

The distinctive design of the Tyne 4 provides a balanced look at address. The flow neck hosel is best for a strong-arc stroke with lots of face rotation. 

ping putters 2021

I love the new styling to the Fetch model this year. We still have the unique round cutout but it is now concealed from over the ball. This new model also has more weight on the perimeter to increase MOI. This typically suits a player with a straight stroke. 

ping putters 2021

The Tyne C features a centre shaft for a balanced, symmetrical address view. It is a great fit for players with a straight-stroke.

Again the Oslo H has great visual alignment cues with the long, clean lines and a thicker top rail. This suits a slight arc stroke best due to the Anser-style hosel. 

ping putters 2021

If you’re after lots of technology look no further. The Harwood is the most technically advanced model in the line, delivering stability and forgiveness from the combination of an aluminum body and tungsten weighting. this is best for players with a straight or slightly arcing stroke. This is also available in an armlock offering.

ping putters 2021

Ping putters 2021: The details

Available: Pre order now

RRP: From £250

Stock shafts: Fixed length shaft 32-38″ (Ping adjustable shaft available as an upgrade)

Grips: PP58, PP60 & PP58-S

More info: Ping website

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